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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Official Teaser Fuck yeah! Updated and embedded! ~Metal King Slime
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    Players met 'function'

    Is anybody else having the 'no players met' problem? I'm getting pissed off with the shoddy shit that is PSN lately
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    Last post

    Can any of ytou tech guys tell me why that when i click on a thread that i have been reading, and then there are new posts made and i click on it again, it always takes me to the last post in the thread, and not the last post that i read? It used to work that way but has been how i described...
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    Battlefront Official Trailer E3 2014 Doesn't really state it is PS4 but fuck it, this is looking NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!! :)
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    Killzone SF - Open weekend

    Just appeared on the store, free for PS+ members is the download of KZ-SF and you get the choice between downloading SP or MP first!? This is the EU store btw (the MP demo is also on the US store) Not quite sure what it means but im presuming its an open weekend at the full game? Although in...
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    Making the most of the PS4

    Ok guys, I haven't really been keeping up with the ins and outs of the PS4 but i managed to get a hold of one last night. :) Can we use this thread as somewhere where you can tell me (and others) how to make the most of our PS4's (IE what to download/subscribe to/register etc) and other things...
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    Los Santos

    Ok, i've always wondered about this since GTAIV.... Do any of you Americanites actually live in the city that GTA5 is based in? IE Los Angeles / California etc, and is it realistic to you guys? Obviously it is a fictional setting but it must be copied from real life!? Can you drive around...
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    The Atomic Blimp

    Has anybody had any joy downloading the Blimp from the store? My code just doesnt seem to work, either from inputting it from the store or from in game?
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    A New Addition to World

    Well, it finally happened! I am now a proud daddy :) to a beautiful baby girl :) Meet Ilana Gabriella [/IMG] I've never been into RPG's but it looks like im in a real life one now! :snicker :lol:
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    The 2011/2012 Football Season Summer Transfers Thread

    Ok, this thread is for discussion of EVERY football teams transfer rumours this summer. Thought it would be easier than going into every respective teams official threads and people getting butthurt ;) So, c'mon guys, let's get the banter/wishlists going :)
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    PSN down for maintenance (UK)

    PSN will be down from 4pm this afternoon till midnight. Maybe readying it for the store coming back?
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    *when psn is back up....* (also, I smell)

    When the Playstation Network is back up, what will be the 1st game you boot up for some online shenanigans? Think i am in need of some FIFA :)
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    POLL. Anon - Are you with them?

    I keep reading/hearing how the Anonymous group have been gaining support in recent weeks (from PS3 gamers), so i thought i would put up this poll just to use this site as a demographic to getting some kind of numbers. So, vote away. Are you with them regarding their issue with Sony? :)
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    Killzone 3D (for vints)

    This game, in 3D, is AWESOME! Much better implemented than Black Ops or Gran Turismo 5. Everything feels 'right' with this,the HUD,scoping,blood effects etc. The snow,smoke/dust and bullets whizzing past you really do give the feeling of being 'inside' the game. 3D on the PS3 has...
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    FIFA 11 January Transfers

    Heads up the January transfers have been updated guys. Pretty good update, a lot of players and formations have been tweaked too :D
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    KZ3 Bundle (UK) Been looking for a KZ3/sharpshooter bundle and came across this if anybody was interested? I already have the move and nav con...
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    Greatest TV Advert EVER!?

    Greatest TV Advert/Commercial Ever What is yours? This is mine Post your opinions and videos :cool:
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    Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

    Learn chinese in 5 minutes!! 1. Thats not right (Sum Ting Wong) 2. See me ASAP (Kum Hia Nao) 3. Small horse (Tai Ni Po Ni) 4. U need a facelift (Chin Tu Fat) 5. I thought u were on a diet (Wai Yu Mun Ching) 6. Hes cleaning car (Wa Shing Ka) 7. Your body odour is...
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    New games and PS3 fans

    I have the 60gb, and my last one died sometime in November. Got a replacement refurb from Sony,and since switching it on for the first time,the fans kick in on the higher setting. Now,this cant be because of dust cos it was new, so it got me thinking... Is it this new batch of games? MW2 -...
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    PSU Logo

    Is it half blanked out for anyone else? Or is it just me?