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  1. Blu-Ray

    Time devoted to playing Vita compared to PS3.

    Hi guys! This is like the first thread I've probably made in years - literally. I'm ancient as hell. Damn, I was 13 or 14 when I joined these forums, now I'm going on 20 haha. *tears* *Ahem* anyways, I was just thinking a few minutes ago... and those thoughts were... "I haven't played my PS3 in...
  2. Blu-Ray

    How do I get the Medal of Honor Beta?

    I know I'm a little late, but I just recently gain a lot of interest for this game.
  3. Blu-Ray

    Sig/Avy Request +REP to everyone. (Help a Brotha out)

    For some reason I feel like posting more often. I dont know why, I just hit me in a dream last night or something lol. If I'm going to post more often, imma need a new look right? :mad: (Pick an image) This image is already pretty much... lathered up lol. Thanks for everyone who...
  4. Blu-Ray

    I need you guys' opinion on my method of getting Red Dead Redemption...

    Ok... I really want RDR, and my birthday is next month. I could obviously wait until my birthday (June 17, I'll be 18 BTW!)... but I just can't... The store that I am going to - Destiny Games - is the alternative out here (Canton MI, suburb of Detroit) to that garbage of a place Gamestop. The...
  5. Blu-Ray

    Userbar request.. quick, easy, simple *1000* SP

    Hey! I hope you guys are aware of my awesome thread. Blu's EPIC THREAD OF 'LOLs' and FAIL And I want more people to experience the mega WIN that is that thread. I want to wear a userbar for that thread.... so more noobs and nooblets can visit that thread when they have the chance. This is...
  6. Blu-Ray

    ``Lone Wolves`` Clan Up and Running. Still look for more members.

    I'm making a serious clan for and I just want to get it started with someone (or people) who would like to help me co-lead my future clan and whatnot. Please provide the following information Rank: Have you ever been in any clans before?: K/D (Yes, KD.): PSN iD: How often...
  7. Blu-Ray

    Sig request from a former DS member (that makes me important)

    I demand a signature, now. I'll give all my SP for it. On the left side of the sig, I want something relevant to the Detroit Lions (preferably nothing to do with them sucking or the 0-16 season), and on the right side I want something relevant to the Detroit Pistons. Chop Chop, you have appr. 20...
  8. Blu-Ray

    My PS3 vs Xbox 360 Article. Please read over it!

    Is there anything I could add/delete to make it better? EDIT: I haven't even read it over myself, so there are some errors in there I havent corrected yet (that's what I'm doing tomorrow in school) And this is my first "article", so please go easy! Eddie ********** Journalism – 4th...
  9. Blu-Ray

    Question about PS3 Themes.

    Do we request them here? Yeah, I'm a former DS member and I dont know this, but I want a Lupe Fiasco theme for my PS3 and I cant make it myself. :(
  10. Blu-Ray

    I finally did it.... I'm about to buy a PS3 on Friday.

    After YEARS and YEARS of not having one, I am finally about to buy one this friday. Now, if you are new to these forums, i would understand if you didnt give a crap, but to the older members, this is a huge surprise.... because I once said that I was never going to get a PS3. Well.... when the...
  11. Blu-Ray

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising? No hype here?

    I've looked in the Xbox360 section, and I haven't seen a single thread yet. You guys should be happy that we'll finally be able to play it on the Xbox360.
  12. Blu-Ray

    3 Options with Buying an Xbox360

    I have $300, and I am going to buy another Xbox 360 this weekend, but I am having trouble deciding. This is coming from Gamestop. Option 1 - Refurbrished Xbox360 - $170 NBA 2K9 - $51 (used) + Edge Card 20GB HDD - $57 (used) + Edge Card Option 2 - Premium 60GB Xbox360 - $300 Rent a bunch of...
  13. Blu-Ray

    Sig Battle: Blu-ray vs sn818

    Prize: 0 SP sn818 did not have enough points, so I decided not to wager any. Blu-ray sn818 I forgot to add the poll, ****.
  14. Blu-Ray

    Whats your favorite font to use in your sigs?

    I haven't used PS in a while, like you all know. I have seen some really clean, professional looking fonts in other people's sigs, but I don't have them myself. What's your favorite text? If you can provide a link to a download that would be helpful. :)
  15. Blu-Ray

    Sig Battles [Blu-Ray vs Sn00pSta00]

    Well, we already know who won. I'm mega rusty (excuse) Edit: Crap, I didn't add a poll. Snoop Blu
  16. Blu-Ray

    Blu-Ray is open to Sig Battles. Anyone. Any theme.

    Perfect way to return to form. You can make up the rules (whoever accepts it).
  17. Blu-Ray

    NBA Yahoo Fantasy BASKETBALL thread - DRAFT OVER!

    Hi Everybody! We kick off another year of NBA Yahoo Fantasy Basketball in a couple weeks! But before we can join in on the fun, we have to set up this **** league before my god**** head explodes! I am the commissioner of the league this time around, so if I need any assistance, please bare with...
  18. Blu-Ray

    Blu-ray's back! I can design again - and it ain't pretty.

    I haven't design since around December/January. I suck now, really bad. This is what I came up with: I tried, but I know that I will eventually get better at this. I don't think I'll re-join the DS until I am absolutely sure that I can design like I used to. :(
  19. Blu-Ray

    God of War 3 Sig/Avy Request

    Hi, I would like a signature with an Avatar please. :) I don't think that I have that many skill points, but I promise that I'll give (whoever) a bigger amount once I earn them ok thank you I can't wait for the sig ok. Information: Size - 500x130 (or smaller depending on the forum rules, I...
  20. Blu-Ray

    Blu-ray Wants a Complete Name change

    Blu-ray just seems very generic to me.. I don't know why. I would like it to be: theWOLF (in the exact same way I spelled it)