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    Jail for couple whose baby died while they raised online child Sticking with the depressing death theme recently. Anyway they have problems...
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    Anyone Seen this?(US chopper gunning down over a dozen civilians)

    Firstly I know what you're thinking "it some anti-war propaganda" but it actual footage and I'm sure you'll find it pretty scary that something like that could happen. Now at 4:15 I can see his point it appears to be rpg but surely after turning around and...
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    COD classic for BFBC2 beta key

    The title says it all really. I got cod classic key and want a bfbc2 beta key.
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    Afl finals 09

    I thought what the hell afl finals deserves a thread and so far they been great. Crows d(MASSIVELY) Bombers- Elimination final Geelong d Bulldogs - Qualifying final Lions d Carlton - Elimination final The lions had a MASSIVE comeback in last qtr, they kicked 6 goals straight and won...
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    Strange audio problem with movies

    I'll start off with problem. Whenever I play a bluray or dvd movie on ps3 and press pause it takes around 2 seconds for sound to come back. Info: The display screen on receiver shows that it not detecting anything when vid paused and 2 seconds after resuming the dolby digital or dts icon...
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    Most flamed thing on the forums

    I know mods are going to love this thread ;). We all know there is quite a bit of it and I narrowed it down to 8 ones and an 9th for other. I think it will be close and since quite a few options I'll allow 2 choices.
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    Toughest/'manliest' ball sports

    I'm pretty sure american football going to sweep the floor(although it shouldn't). Me and mates havin argument, therefore must drag it onto forums. Now I would say aussie rules. Yea rugby close and gridiron has big hits. But footy is real rough(most recent example judd broken nose and the...
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    Tennis 2010

    Just wondering if anyone else is following it. Aus open-nadal roland garros-fed wimbledon-fed US Open-del potro ATP world tour finals: Davydenko reigns supreme Aus open 2010: Federer, Serena (never seen that before lol) Potential interesting matches: Davydenko fed quater...
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    American vs British gangster/crime flicks

    Ok me and my mates been having a debate which are better, so I thought I'd bring it in here. I said British. Because I just love the style of it, quick fast funny. E.g Snatch, 2 smokin barrels, layer cake and rock'n'rolla. Also there are the other type of british crime movies, like the...
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    Play Tv in Aus

    I've googled for info and didn't get anything. So does anyone know when it is going to be released? I assume it will release in nz at same time as well. I was debating whether this was worth a thread and realised there are prob a few aussies that are wondering same thing. Also if anyone...
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    Another should I get this tv thread...

    Well I haven't made a thread asking about my first tv i did my own research and it paid off but now i don't have as much time and there are so many more options for me. So to the chase there is a sale at a nearby store, Myer and the tv that has caught my eye is a Sony Bravia. Model...
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    I just got the colossus from 'that' level, and i was curious as to what the copyright means. Can i publish my level with it in it? Or can i simply not share it? Because i want to use it in my level, which although not that great, im havin a last with. Also is there different levels of...
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    When will you give up?

    I just wanted to know how many people have given up or people who are just about to. I've ben trying pretty hard but many of the beta keys are given out at wierd times and have yet had success. My final straw was gamepo and im sure many people are in the same boat but i just wanted to see.
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    Saddest film/tv/ game moment

    I know it's an emo thread but i just finish watching Crash, so it ages ago and god that's so frickin sad. If anyone else has seen it you'll know. So what are the saddest moments. When it comes to games Mgs3 ftw, ill try not to take all the good ones and i was thinkin about a poll but way to many...
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    JJJ Hottest 100

    who else is kind of disapointed muse won. Post who you think should have won.
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    What two games should i trade in AC?

    This is just to help me out so if mods want 2 close so be it. Help would be appreciated p.s im on ps3 so dont expect long posts, lol. If anyone wants to no the deal is at JB in Tas
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    IGN review K&L review (7.0)

    Sorry if posted but can't be stuffed searching, lol Link: By the way i no it's in the 360 section, i just thought people would want to know what the ps3 version got.
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    Rainbow six: vegas or Oblivion

    I would like to know which one would better 2 buy and i think other people would like to know what to spend their money on. p.s I live in Australia (pal)
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    Official Australian pre-order thread

    I thought I should make one due to the fact the UK has got one so should Australia.
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    rts games on ps3

    since u can connect a mouse and keyboard do u recon they will start makin rts games for ps3 later on