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    What games are on your radar?

    So what games are you looking out for in the future? What has your appetite whet? Share them here. We may not have heard of them. I heard about this game Furi a short while ago and I've just been reminded of it again. Announcement trailer:
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    Battleborn vs Paragon vs Overwatch

    So these games have peaked my interest recently. I far prefer this format to that of Destiny or Division, just so much more straightforward; there's an enemy, shoot to kill, job's a good 'un :icon_thumleft: Overwatch trailer: Paragon trailer: Battleborn trailer: Battleborn is coming in...
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    Blood Bowl 2 Community

    Hi Folks. So with this new PS Community feature I decided to make a Blood Bowl community entitled: Blood Bowl 2 - UK Community. You can find it if you add me on PSN: M4jorCyn1k. Hopefully some of you will want to join up and get some leagues going. Feel free to join the community and...
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    What are your favourite lyrics?

    So what are some of your favourite lyrics? Can be a song or poem, doesn't matter. Meaningful to you or just catchy words and phrases, it all goes. Here's a couple of mine: Exodus - Bob Marley Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac What are some of yours?
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    HalfLine Miami

    Just caught wind of this. Half-Life meets Hotline Miami. Made me smile anyway :) The platform will be PC and Windows only at the minute. May be interesting to some.
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    For Honour!

    So I caught a glimpse of this the other day and thought it looked potentially great. I've been looking for a similar type game to appear and this seems a good contender. Some details: - There is a Campaign mode! Quite how this will play out exactly is unclear right now. It's obvious to me that...
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    Do you believe in Ghosts?

    I'm posting this up for a couple reasons. Firstly, some of the subscribers were chatting about it a little in the Subscribers lounge. Secondly, more importantly, I find it a really interesting question. Interesting because it tells a little about us and our world view. Although I'm a bit...
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    In Our Time - BBC Radio Show

    Thought I'd put this up here for anyone even remotely interested. In Our Time is a BBC radio show that's been running for quite a few years now. Each episode Melvyn Bragg and a few guest experts discuss a particular topic for around 40 minutes. You'll find a lot of different topics covered...
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    [PS4] The Order: 1886

    The Order: 1886 The Order: 1886 is Ready at Dawn (RaD) Studio’s first AAA title. They’re the same studio who brought the God of War games to the PSP shortly followed by a remastering of the series released for the PS3. And so this is their first attempt at building a game from the ground up...
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    [OPINION] Sharing My Love for Turn-Based Strategy

    ​Sharing My Love for Turn-Based Strategy I love playing video games and I’m fairly sure most of you do too. That’s why we’re here right? Probably much like you I’ve played all genres of games over the years. After a while though you may come to realise there is one kind that you love more than...
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    I like Natural Doctrine

    I like Natural Doctrine. I do like strategy-type games; big fan of Civ series and really want to play Civ:BE when i get a PC with the guts to do so. I know Natural Doctrine had some poor reviews and in fact these put me off buying it on day 1 but i got bored with my game list sunday morning...
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    Reputation - who gave me what?

    Hi all So i'm wondering about the reputation count here. Getting some rep is appreciated but how can i tell who has given reputation and for what exactly? Can't find in FAQ's or search but my ego is demanding an answer :snicker
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    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, any takers?

    Had my eye on Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments for a little while. Reminds me of LA Noire which i quite enjoyed so i reckon i'll be getting this. Should be a pretty relaxed pace game with plenty to get your grey matter wrapped around if that's your cuppa. Guess this isn't going to tickle...
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    Watching Destiny Beta has changed my mind...

    So, like most of you, i've been aware of Destiny for some time now. Up until recently I decided I was not going to buy this game. Yes, it looks great and lots of fun but I found it too Halo looking to get inspired by it, no real buzz about the game for me having not really been a Halo fan. I...