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  1. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

    I got two FW 5.5 beta trial codes. First come first serve :)
  2. MjW

    Thinking of subscribing to PS+ again

    They have a sale on the store, 15 months for the price of 12. And with the incoming price hike, I'm thinking about grabbing the chance. I'll use it mostly on the PS4, maybe online with the new pirate game from ubisoft -if it's any good-, I might download some stuff on the vita but will probably...
  3. MjW

    Qwertee buy 1 get 1 free discount code up for grabs

    Got one discount code by mail but I'm stuffed with t-shirts right now, if someone wants it just ask. It's valid until the 25th. Only requirement is to have been a member here for at least 3 months. Copy paste from the mail:
  4. MjW

    The "What game to play next" poll

    Help me decide on the next game to play :)
  5. MjW

    The PS+ cloud took my saves. [Rant]

    I wanted to backup my cloud saves to an external drive. To do that one has to download the cloud saves to the PS4 first, and then to the external drive. It turns out that you cannot download your saves from the cloud to your PS4 if you don't have the actual game. Bollocks.
  6. MjW

    Anybody else having trouble with store purchases? Error WC-40382-7

    After I saved money by canceling my PS+ subscription, now I can't spend them. :roll: I'm trying to buy the Fallout 4 season pass and I get error WC-40382-7. Removed the card and re-entered it and still the same error. I added my paypal account and I get the same error.
  7. MjW

    Anyone else miss Black Flag?

    Just finished watching the second season of Black Sails, which led me to google, and searching for info about Ubi making a solely pirate game. I hope Ubisoft will make a pirate series. I'd preorder right after the announcement!
  8. MjW

    PS4 black marble vinyl wrap

    We got for my nephew the MGS PS4 for Christmas, and I have to admit I got a bit jealous looking at my plain black one. So I borrowed some vinyl wrap from the wife (she uses it for gift wrapping), took out the x-acto knives and got to work. It turned out quite nicely. Everything is pretty...
  9. MjW

    Anyone playing PES 2016?

    Reviews are praising this year's PES. Anyone got it? I read they improved the edit function as well. You can now use a usb drive to import packs with correct names, emblems, teams etc.
  10. MjW

    Anybody else still having problems with FW 2.x?

    It's getting frustrating now. It doesn't matter what settings I change and if I use rest mode or not, the console fails to start. Pressing PS button, blue light comes on and a couple of seconds later it just turns completely off. Must press power button on the console twice to start it. When...
  11. MjW

    Walking Dead PS4 worth it?

    Saw that the PS4 version is out and was wondering if it is worth the extra $£€ in comparison with the PS3 version that is on sale at the moment. Anybody knows of any improvements over the PS3 version?
  12. MjW

    How many of you game in 3D regularly?

    There has been a ton of 3DTVs by now and I was wondering how many of you that have a 3DTV game in 3D regularly. If yes what games?
  13. MjW

    Got the PSU sub complimentary Geek magazine!

    I know you guys talked about a 1 year subscription to Geek magazine for subscribers, but I thought it was the digital iPad version. Well, I got happily surprised getting this by mail! Thanks! On the move with Tapatalk
  14. MjW

    Does someone have a non-working phat PS3?

    I'm looking for the letter L from the top cover of a PS3, I think I might have vacuumed mine at some point. lol If someone has a broken console and doesn't mind removing the letter, it would be awesome. Thanks :) On the move with Tapatalk
  15. MjW

    Meanwhile in Live from Playstation..

  16. MjW

    Remote Play over the Internet with Apple routers

    Anybody got it working? The Vita will start the PS4, but there will be no "beep" and the PS4 doesn't login. Then the Vita times out. Works fine on local network. On the move with Tapatalk
  17. MjW

    Playstation Playroom still being abused?

    Meanwhile on PS4.. I censored the image. :p Pic removed On the move with Tapatalk
  18. MjW

    What is your wired internet speed with the PS4?

    We all saw a well welcomed speed bump in network speed with the PS4. I'm around 50Mbps wirelessly, which is much better than PS3 but I'm wondering what people get on wired connections. See if it's worth it pulling an ethernet connection to the living room.
  19. MjW

    Dualshock 4 colours, red/blue. yay or nay?

    I want to get a second controller. Thought it would be nice with some colour other than black. Then I saw a youtube clip with the red and blue controllers, and God, these things are ugly. I must say they look better in pics. What do you guys think? Do you like them? Controllers at 3:40 mark...
  20. MjW

    Anybody has a broken phat PS3? Need a letter from the top cover

    I've lost the letter L from the top cover. Now it reads P AYSTATION 3. lol Anybody has one? On the move with Tapatalk