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    How many trophies have YOU gotten today?!

    I got around 1 trophy today. The combo specialist trophy for Prince of Persia. Took about an hour. How many have you got today? :mrgreen:
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    What are the best ONLINE PSN games out right now?

    What do you think are the best online capable PSN games out right now? If so, how much do you play them or put into them and was it a good buy?
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    ill help with your Smugshot Trophy

    For anyone who has completed Burnout Paradise but just can't get that Platinum trophy all because of that $&#@*(%&*(@#&% Smugshot trophy. Add me on PSN ill be glad to help you out. Did 4 people from ps3forums already and don't mind helping more. Just remember to +rep and +sp :mrgreen: Happy...
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    Are trophies really worth it?

    Games are getting trophies at quite a good pace now. Do any of you feel that trophy gathering is worth it nowadays. They have been out for awhile now but collecting them seems to be tedious. Is there really ANYTHING good to come of our hard-core trophy collecting or is it really just for show on...
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    How difficult are Burnout Trophies?

    I was thinking of purchasing Burnout Paradise on disc due to the consumption of hard drive space. Also the trophies, I have heard are not that difficult to obtain. Any thoughts or opinions about how you feel towards Burnout Paradises' trophies, please feel free to reply.
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    What PSN New Release Game are you downloading today (Sept. 25)?

    I just downloaded Wipeout HD! What game are you getting today?!:mrgreen:
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    How is everyone doing on Novastrike Hardcore mode?

    I beat the game on recruit and obtain all the trophies you possibly can get on this mode. How the hell to you beat this game on Hardcore mode...I have attempted once and failed. Please any tips or tricks, please do share :mrgreen:
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    Socom beta code available

    I currently have one extra beta code for Socom : Confrontation. If you are willing to gameshare or negotiate in some other way. Message me on PSN - ID RapidSpark
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    What is the worst game yet to get trophies?

    Has anyone considered in their mind which game they thought should not get trophies? I am talking about the games that are already patched with trophy support. Did you ever feel that any of the games currently patched should have never gotten trophies in the first place. My thoughts - PAIN I...
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    What is the difficulty for Novastrike trophies?

    Has anyone here reached %100 trophies in Novastrike yet? If so, what is the difficulty level for the trophies found in this game. Any tricks to get a few trophies, please inform all us Trophy Readers 8)
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    Trophy Support w/ Home

    Whats your ideas of trophies in Playstation Home? How should trophies be synchronized into Home? My ideas : - At least 3D trophies. - A special room for each player where you can look at all the games they have beaten and what trophies they have collected all along the wall - A special gift for...
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    How long did it take you to beat Uncharted - Crushing Mode?

    I have played for 5 hours already and I am on Chapter 11. This crushing mode is driving me crazy and I just wanted to know how long you spent/how hard was this trophy for you on a scale from 1 - 10?