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  1. mynd

    Thought I'd come in and check the latest PS5 news...

  2. mynd

    Sony and Microsoft agreement RIP PSN
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    GENERAL E3 2018 Trailers

    Post em if ya got em... Strange Brigade Days Gone Fallout 76 Hitman 2 Fear The wolves Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form
  4. mynd

    Microsoft may be looking to buy Playground Games, the studio behind the Forza Horizon series
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    Rumor Suggests Microsoft Has Considered Acquiring EA, Valve, PUBG Corp

    A large acquisition of this nature, especially of publishing titan EA, would be a substantial step in bolstering Microsoft's gaming software division. This rumored development would not mark the first time Microsoft has acquired another company, previously paying $2.5 Billion for Minecraft...
  6. mynd

    PUBG blows past 4 million Xbox users...
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    Destiny 2 getting full 4k update on X coming Dec 5th
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    Microsoft Shifts to Make More of Its Own Video Game Software Sounds like Phil has had the green light to invest heavy...
  9. mynd

    Gears of War 4 gets 1080p 60fps mode on X
  10. mynd

    Visceral Games closed by EA, Hennigs Star Wars game "refocued" (Its canceled). Dam EA knows how to destroy a good thing. RIP Visceral, loved dead Space and Dantes Inferno. But wait it gets worse... I.E. Monetize the game. We...
  11. mynd

    Xbox One X Specs deep dive -Hot Chips

    CPU-31% faster. This equates to a 3ghz Xbox ONE S CPU. Memory South Bridge Sound SOC GPU When Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, the company boasted that the new console would be the first to deliver 6Tflops of 32-bit floating point performance. During the Hot...
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    Halo 5 to support 4k on X. Nice.
  13. mynd

    MS announces you can System Link all Xbox generations together
  14. mynd

    List of Xbox One X enhanced titles (updated 17 Jan 18)

    178 in total. 103 out. 75 in development. Updates already released Coming Soon In Development Non enhanced titles all get: -faster load times -better texture filtering -Dynamic res games run at full 1080p -More solid FPS
  15. mynd

    Gears of War improvements on Xbox One X -4k rendered -Volumetric Light scattering (god rays) -increased shadow quailty -More dynamic shadows -Dolby Atmos sound -Supersampling 4k for 1080p users. Looks to me like they managed to have plenty of extra head room. What a beast.
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    Ubisoft Press conference

    Looks like we dont have a thread. This pirate games look awesome
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    Xbox Backwards Compatibility Detailed I have plenty, bring it on.
  18. mynd

    Project Scorpio Xbox Development Kit Certainly sounds like this is a similar look to the actual Scoprio minus a few extra buttons and ports. HDMI in is still a thing.
  19. mynd

    E3 Game Trailers 2017 Edition

    Its that time of year again...early days but they will start coming thick and fast in the next two weeks... Post em if you got em. Far Cry 5 Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Lost Sphear Dead Alliance Randall South Park Surviving Mars Yoku's Island Express Bloody Zombies Claybook
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    Star Wars Rouge One discussion

    So if youve seen it, post it here, please use spoiler tags guys. So I went to the midnight session last night. So heres my spoiler free review: Being a movie completly free of the leagacy of the Skywalkers, its free to tell a more gritty story of the rebelion, this is by far the LEAST kid...