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    So FFXIII-2 Amazon pre-order bonus for Canadians...

    Did anyone else pre-order the game, collectors edition or not (I went with the collector's edition) from and was under the impression you also got the Omega battle DLC to find out that wasn't participating? Well I did, and the day I got the game I emailed customer...
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    $20 to go from FFXIII-2 Standard to Collectors?

    SO! 20-page concept art book, 4-disc original soundtrack, and game disc, all contained in a premium hardcover digipak case with illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. It's an extra $20 to get all this. I'm wondering if anyone feels it's worth it or not. Not interested in talking about the game.
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    So a friend entered a contest to win an iphone... is he doing it right?
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    Question on Deus Ex Game save protection

    Are the game saves bound to your PSN account, or your PS3's user profile? I want to play the game downstairs and want to know if I can just copy it and login to my PSN account instead of having to bring my PS3 downstairs.
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    Someone felt it wise to drive a car loaded with explosives into a UN building. Edit: also I find it ridiculous how copying the article creates one massive underlined and coloured link, which inadvertently undermines the forum policy on text formatting. It sure is fun editing that out.
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    Catherine Pre-order Soundtrack - Does Anyone know the tracklist?

    Hey there, I was curious if anyone knew the tracklist for the pre-order CD of the game. I ripped it with the PS3 and it just comes up as numbered tracks but no names to the songs. iTunes would do the same thing. Since I'm semi-anal about things like this I was hoping someone here would at...
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    Yea Squaresoft, that would be nice

    Edit: I'm not entirely sure how I failed and put the imgur link into the topic title, but if a mod could use some awesome powers and take that out I'd be pleased as punch.
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    Steam and download sizes.

    Just a question for anyone who's aware or not. When you install a game on steam it states what amount of hard disk space is required. I'm curious if this is the same size as they download or not? I'm assuming there is at least a little bit of compression with Steam's package installers. If it...
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    To anyone who's seen Transformers 3 in 3D - How is it?

    My roommate and I are seeing this tonight, but we're stuck between 3D and Non-3D of the movie due to disappointments in the past (Hi Thor, you bitch). Reviews I have read led me to believe the 3D is done as well, if not better than Avatar's. I enjoyed Avatar's quite a bit. Anyway I'm letting...
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    Pseudo-RPG/Story-based FPS games?

    I'm wondering if there's any semi-decent FPS games out there that are focused on a single player story that tries to be a little different, rather than a multi-player circlejerk. Ex: Bioshock Singularity Resistance FEAR Third person is cool too. Mainly just after a shooter that doesn't feel...
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    Skyrim Pre-order map, anyone have details?

    Just curious because I'll be pre-ordering it from Amazon. Is anyone aware if this is just one of those games where the "first wave" will have the map included? Similar to how Demon's Soul's limited edition was only released via pre-order? Update: I'm just asking Bethesda if is...
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    Movies Vs Games: A double Standard?

    There's something that's been tickling my brain for a while, but I've ever gone and voiced the concern. Why is it acceptable for a blu-ray to be $20 new, but not for games to be worth $60? Often times I see posters here claim that a game isn't worth the money based on what you're given. The...
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    Activision Customer Care is NICE!

    Last week we submitted a ticket to activision customer care in regards to our Band Hero kick pedal. The thing stopped working. The plastic on the wires had begun to break away. We received an immediate reply via email asking us to post pictures with the ticket number written on a notepad or...
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    Issue with Wii connecting to the internet

    I'm just going to re-post what I put on the official nintendo tech support forms. -- Hello, Recently I tried to connect my Wii online to go buy a virtual console game or two and was met with this rather annoying error. The problem is that from what I gather the error is caused by a...
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    What is your controller colour of choice?

    Mine is pink: What is everyone else's? Edit: if you could post an image that's cool too. So we can know what hue it is.
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    "Hard" Mode and it's effect on tutorial gameplay.

    Posted it under PS3 discussion because we don't have a general gaming discussion and this certainly isn't offtopic. Does anyone else thing that the difficulty you start the game under should not effect the "tutorial" of the game? "tutorial" can be either: an outright tutorial for the...
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    I wish Sony would rework the what's new section on your PS3.

    I believe it would be smart for Sony to develop an algorithm (or contract google to) that would use your trophy data, "game playing" data, and download list to customize your suggestions on the whats new page. Maybe this is because I'm getting annoyed with seeing offers to download the demo...
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    Request for help, from the collective mind.

    I need someone to do me a favor. Currently we cannot sign onto the PS blog, or PS Blog.Share I would like someone to preform the kindness of either bumping this thread when it is possible to sign on, so I would be able to submit my idea. If that's not someone's fancy then I would like...
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    Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola: The REAL debate.

    Please read the lists before voting! So time after time this debate rages on; Pepsi or Coke. I believe that this question is flawed within it's own nature. It's driven by marketing campaigns to distort our judgement. We're led to believe one is better than the other without actually choosing...
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    Sony just can't get a break