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    Ps4 2012 ?

    So i'm at work and one of my co workers are telling me that sony is coming out with the ps4 in 2012. He said it's supposed to be completely 3D and has some type of software that converts "games" to 3D even if you don't have a 3D tv. He's not the type of dude to just pull stuff out of the air...
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    Vanquish I'm getting this just as soon as it comes out.
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    OK Square where is it ?

    Where is ff13 verses ? i mean it's been what 2yrs + i think maybe not that long i'm not sure but still where is it. i'm not big on the mmo i'm pretty sure that verses is in higher demand than 14 is
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    Twisted metal :0d

    first day buy for me
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    CP points

    Where did you get the most points at ? I'm on chapter 9 the palamecia and i'm getting like 160-745 a fight depending on what group i run up on. I think i'm gonna stay here for awhile and build up my points to prolly like 50,000 or 100,000cp. unless someone has a better spot.
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    Games that you don't plan to beat

    I have 24 games out of 24 i've beat about half the ones i have no intention on beating are ninja gaiden gt4 the naruto game it's dope but i'm not gonna beat it prolly not even gonna play it anymore prototype spiderman web of shadows burnout paradise i only got this one to because the...
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    Game chairs

    I got a V rocker for xmas but i can't hook it to my 3 1 cause my tv doesn't have any avi out ports (LG 47 lcd) 2 i'm using the hdmi connectiion The chair has a wireless hook up but because of the reason above i can't use it, any suggestions for good game chairs that work with the hdmi hook up.
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    A day with my ps3

    I tried to stream a show to the ps3 i use the ps3 media server, soon as i click the server i get that dlna server error, i tried to reset the ps3 reset my laptop nothing changes. next i try to use a min sd card with the usb connector. it didn't even read the card. i took that out and put the...
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    is the psn down

    i've been getting kicked off all day
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    Tekken 6 Tekken tag ?

    I was talking to my boy and he said that the 360 might get tag in addition to tekken 6. have any of you heard about this?
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    Wireless keypad

    I saw the keypad on ebay for 34 bucks. Is this a good deal and have any of you bought one yet?