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    Best Smartphone Now?

    Hey guys, I am planning on purchasing a new phone in the near future, and I was just wondering on your opinions as to which one single smart phone has all the features of tomorrow and is great to use. I'm not really interested in the iPhone 5, seeing as I'm upgrading myself from an iPhone 3GS...
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    Neil Armstrong passes away at 82

    Source One small death for man, one giant loss for mankind.
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    ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?! Blacksite vs. Cyklops!

    Here we GO! Blacksite: Cyklops: Prize: 10000 SP + REP. Deadline: 5 days from now. May the better designer win and reap the glory and riches!
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    Food for your thought...

    Inspirational at best.
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    About the new Sony 3D Headset

    Hey everyone. =) I was just wondering how this new Sony HMZ-T1 3D Headset works. Do I need a 3DTV for the headset to work, or can I use any TV that is connected to my PS3? Also, does this headset only work with 3D games or also games that don't support 3D? Plus, how does this whole...
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    YLOD Repair in Dubai?

    Hello guys, I live in Dubai and I've not played my PS3 in the past 6 months now, waiting for my YLOD repair. The main electronics shop here, Jumbo Electronics, is willing to repair it, but only after formatting my HDD and asking me to pay quite an hefty amount. Would any of you guys know of...
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    Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 Teaser! Oh My GOD! I can't wait for this game. 0:37! Ezio dying!?
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    SPOILERS - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Ending

    WTF! Seriously, what just happened?! And I thought AC2 ending was mind****. This is like double that! So what have we learned? 1) There's more than Minerva only in the Those Who Came From Before clan. It seems the new 'Goddess' is Juno. 2) Desmond's blood has some kind of connection to the...
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    An Ode to Instrumental and Orchestral Music! This is one of the millions of amazing instrumental songs that I love listening to. God, instrumental/orchestral music are just so pleasant, and soothing. I'll post more music later.
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    Assassin's Creed Gamescom Walktrough Demo My God. Here I was thinking that this game is only going to be something like a multiplayer centered spin-off of AC2, but it looks awesome. I'm really liking the concept of...
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    Visitor Messages

    What's happened to all the VMs? Plus, how do I send a VM now?
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    Nike Write The Future - Best Sports Advert Ever!

    YouTube- NIKE WRITE THE FUTURE - FULL LENGTH VERSION Love Rooney's part! He beats Federer with one hand!
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    Can the PS3 play DivX Plus HD movie files?

    I downloaded a DivX Plus HD movie just yesterday, and the clarity is absolutely amazing on my PC screen. So I thought, why not watch it on the TV, so I transferred it to the PS3 through my USB. However, my PS3 says that the data is unsupportable, even though it's an .avi file. Any help would...
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    Random Curiosity is finally coming to an end

    I'm sure some (if not most) of you here, who like manga/anime, visit the blog, Random Curiosity, for all your anime/manga updates. Unfortunately for us all, the main blogger, Omni, is retiring from his 5-year long blog to continue on with his life. For all who don't know about the blog...
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    A Quick Question

    I just have two questions guys. Is the PS3 system able to play .mkv files? If not, is there any workaround to make the files work on it? Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance Cyklops.
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    Sig Tournament 2 Round 1 - Cyklops vs. Formula

    Signature #1 Signature #2
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    Sig Battle: Cyklops Vs. kwesnoth

    Cyklops kwesnoth Theme: Cars Prize: Rep + 1000 SP End Date: 15th January 2010
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    Sig & Avy Request: Bleach Anime / Prize: 7000 SP

    I need a Bleach Sig and Avy. I leave it up to you to use any stock photos, renders, C4Ds, etc. I just want it to look good. PS. For anyone wondering why I can't design it myself, it's because I've been away from Photoshop for this past 1.5-2 months, and I've got somewhat rusty, so it'll take...
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    AC2 Special Editions - Are They Worth It?

    See, in my country of residence, PS3 games are sold at a price of AED 269. When I went and checked with my local game store about Assassin's Creed 2, I asked them about the prices of the 'White' Edition and the 'Black' Edition of the game. They replied saying that the 'White' Edition costs AED...
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    Sig Battle: Cyklops Vs. FinalReaper

    Cyklops FinalReaper Theme: Final Fantasy IV Prize: Rep End Date: 29th November 2009