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  1. Shingo

    Merry Christmas guys!

    Merry Christmas you all! <3 hope all we get best gifts one after another.
  2. Shingo

    Smash+Grab [New game of Sleeping Dogs Dev]

    It is an online only title b2p. Dissapointed because was waiting for Sleeping Dogs 2 in a diffrent country with the same main char... Sad atm..... I have seen no words about a console release so putting the thread here, carry if they announce a console release...
  3. Shingo

    PSU What's app group!

    Well, the forum seems active suddenly thanks to our old-pal classic "Is forum dead?!?" thread and E3 being amazing this year. I talked about a what's app group in counting thread, get a few (only two- Hello BBK And Duff) positive and 0 negative feedback! (Same old PSU :Snicker) As some may...
  4. Shingo

    2020 Tokyo, man-made meteor show!!!*Hold your jaws*
  5. Shingo

    Ucharted 4 MP event vol. 3 [05.06.16 EU timezone]

    Well, if we can't gang up on this game we never can later, so for start I think this weekend is the best even if we are a few we can get bigger each week! Even if one guy from other regions joins in , we can change the time according to majority, the more the merrier! Update for 28.05 : Ok now...
  6. Shingo

    The Chinese Room new game gonna revealed in a few weeks.

    I bought Rapture a few weeks ago when it was on sale. Haven't find any chance to play it , but their behaviour on twitter is worth following ;)
  7. Shingo

    Tomorrow Children Beta sign up Been waiting to hear about this game. I hope I can enter the beta.
  8. Shingo

    Playstation Messages

    New playstation official chat app is on both ios and android!
  9. Shingo

    Zipf's Law

    Today I read somewhere about this and it is a pretty interesting law, much more than you guys can imagine, check this video out.
  10. Shingo

    PlayStation®Experience on December 5-6!

    Gonna update the thread when broadcast links are up. Starts on 6.00pm GMT/7.00pm CET on Saturday. Twitch Youtube
  11. Shingo

    Playstation Tv 2

    I am planing to get the ps tv. Lately i have moving my ps4 almost daily and it bugs me as hell but don't want to buy the product if a new model appears soon. Do you guys believe we will see a new model soon?
  12. Shingo

    PS4 With Improved Performance?-- Biggest shit you guys can ever heard!

    Suck my dick please!!!
  13. Shingo

    Sega trademarks possible new Valkyria Chronicles title!-finally

    I don't know if the first game sold poor or not, but it was an amazing game, anyone played probably agrees with me, but some how 2nd and 3rd game came only for psp... Anyways, hope the next game gonna be for ps4, insta buy for me.
  14. Shingo

    We Happy Few 15 minute gamplay

    The game is on xbox and pc, I was interested in the game after the video on E3 but after watching this gameplay, didn't worried alot for me can't playing it.
  15. Shingo

    Firewatch release day confirmed!

    The game is out Feb 9 for Pc and PS4. I have my eyes on the game, not sure if I ever pick it up but it has it's own charming graphics, lovely colors. Gonna continue to keep my eyes on it.. Here is a few gameplay video.
  16. Shingo

    Uncharted Moments -ND Twitch Stream

  17. Shingo

    Assasin's Creed Syndicate-London Horizon Trailer Couldn't find the OT thread, so just posting here. Amazing trailer, so lively but I don't believe we are gonna feel that while playing the game.
  18. Shingo

    Dishonored Definite Edition PS4 vs xbox360 edition I am sure most know it, but it is free for the guys who own the game for ps3. It also applies to the ones who own the game from plus. Edit: my bad folks they give you a %50 discount if you own the game.
  19. Shingo

    Yakuza Creator Teases New Title Announcement At Tokyo Game Show 2015

    Well we are not sure if they have anyplans for west side of the world, but I can't say no to a new Yakuza game.