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  1. Shingo

    What's the internet situation in your part of the world?

    lol we don't have those options here, paying 10 usd for 35 mbps, it is enough for me tho, as I used to live with this standards. Most expensive one here is 17 usd for 120 mbps. Don't wanna talk upload speeds you won't believe it they are aweful.
  2. Shingo

    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Lady Hellbender Cutscene

    After avengers muslim girl version of Reed Richards, my expectations are lower but still want to try this game.
  3. Shingo

    When Will Sony Release PS5 Limited Edition Bundles, Slim and Pro Version Consoles?

    Agreed, they need those factory non stop printing these consoles, even tiny distraction is a bad thing. Its still only on blackmarket in my area.
  4. Shingo

    The Ascent - Reviews

    not my type of game, maybe this is why, I love turn based isometric rpg, but this doesnt apply to futuristic games I suppose. Yes, played it on series s via gamepass.
  5. Shingo

    Stray - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5, PS4

    Can't wait for this game, don't watch the video tho, it has at least 5 puzzle solutions, I closed around 40th second lol
  6. Shingo

    The Ascent - Reviews

    I played around 30 minutes and deleted it, I don't find anything interesting, pretty common game and mechanics.
  7. Shingo

    [OT] E3 2021 Discussion & Live Streams

    Sony has its own agenda of course, if they try to pace themself with MS they would have 3 exc last gen and that would be enough to crash MS. Xbox conferance was ok, has games of course, but still no corridor, action or a nice RPG that aims to be gen defining or GOTY contender. All good games but...
  8. Shingo

    Forza Horizon 5 sets the bar for racing games this generation with this Trailer

    and its open world. Very good indeed. Can't wait to try this and flight simulator on TV
  9. Shingo

    PSU What's app group!

    up up up
  10. Shingo

    Over $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day

    I lost a lot hope it stops right there and jmp back soon.
  11. Shingo

    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    5000 hello silvy and we won!
  12. Shingo

    revive magic no jutsu

    revive magic no jutsu
  13. Shingo

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    why wouldn't mate? you from 2013?
  14. Shingo

    IGN: Xbox's Exclusive Game Drought Is Finally Almost Over

    have you played Wasteland 3, inXile Entertainment's final game? It is a game has its own fanbase and its a classic, the game came out with tons of bugs, crashes, freezes, massive loading times and it was on one x, doesn't even have a decent visual features. And I really would like to know how...
  15. Shingo

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Finished cyberpunk 2077 my worries was not about the bugs ( played on One X), but it was about the gangs and world itself, I would love factions to be much more clearer and it matters but as far as I played it did not. ( finished the main storyline and side quests that atually looks important)...
  16. Shingo

    IGN: Xbox's Exclusive Game Drought Is Finally Almost Over

    Sorry if I sound mad, since not my mother language sometimes, my words sounds like not what I wish to. I really would love to ms compete with sony because I know they would go greedy if there was no competitor, and we all see what ms tring to accomplish. They are not aiming for big 90+ meta...
  17. Shingo

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    The price is beyond resonable so I would never buy from here even if I could do. Yea mate, they only did one or two at most restock to amazon and they dried immediately. it wasn't took even half an hour, I wonder when will be the day that one can go to a shop and buy one casually.
  18. Shingo

    IGN: Xbox's Exclusive Game Drought Is Finally Almost Over

    post as much fancy pics as you like, I am tired of hearing from MS, I wanna see some end game results. My one x has standing at home and had at most 10 games that actually use of its %70 power. This time, we will surely see some games, but quality is the real matter here. Sony gives us every...
  19. Shingo

    The Next Dragon Age (Dragon Age 4) - Official Trailer | Game Awards 2020

    After all those years of wait and we get this ? this is fucking joke. They used all their power on anthem and they lose the bet, we are the ones who screwed here, as usual.