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    Nosulus Rift - The next Revolution in VR As featured by South Park: The Fractured But Whole
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    Arkham VR Impressions by EZA

    1-team studio Rocksteady has spent the last year on a full fledged Batman VR game. Here are impressions presented by former Gametrailers personalities, Easy Allies:
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    Six commonly asked questions about PSVR answered

    Title says it all - found a neat video for anyone curious:
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    My thoughts on the Final Fantasy series' legacy and future

    Why does renewing the series have to equal moving away from a strategic, deep battles, open for timely and thought out decision making, and towards real-time combat? Why move away from party controls and over to single hero control scheme? Why try to translate games to both japanese and...
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    Bloodborne Review "FIXED", Gametrailers 2016

    Seems the unavoidable happened and Ben Moore and revised their review and score to reflect Fromsoftware's dedicated effort - To bring in Bloodborne their best game possible and perhaps the best rpg and horrorgame OP has experienced in his 27 years of gaming...
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    How are you affected by Windows 10 'opt-out' scheme?

    For example: opting to schedule restarts upon windows updates? (opting out of them being automatic). I'm installing win10 on family's computers (which is taking a long time due to updating windows 7), so I'm interested in hearing your experiences.
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    Monty Oum passed away

    I got to know him from his Dead or Alive/Final Fantasy fighting choreography videos on Gametrailers. GT editorial:
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    CD Project ready to wow with The Witcher 3 gameplay Source:
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    Fans of the Fallout series - Wasteland 2 releases 9/19

    The day is drawing near - The 19th of September, Wasteland 2 is officially released for PC, Linux and Mac OS X. Much in the same spirit as Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics, Wasteland 2 is a sequel to a game released 26 years ago. Now.. Let it be said: I deliberately know very little else about this...
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    Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone

    “Didn’t think I was doing anything wrong:” Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone Now shes facing charges for child neglect. Talk about taking it to the extreme..?
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    Official The Order: 1886 Gameplay trailer The ingame graphics are really something! :D
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    Rumormill hints at Sakaguchi RPG for X1, Phil Spencer being cryptic [he was joking]
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    Grab Original Dungeon Keeper for free at

    Grab the original Dungeon Keeper for free at for the next 43 hours! Also, if you're a fan of the series, be sure to check out War For The Overworld!
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    Fallout 1,2 and Tactics free DL @ (expires 14. des 1400 GMT+0.00) Promo:
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    Controling your PS4 through HDMI (CEC, ARC, etc..)

    I came across this piece on the PS4 supposedly lacking support for remote controls (IR) but having remote control support through HDMI. Basically you can use your regular TV remote. How to activate CEC PS4: There's two things you need to do essentially. 1) Navigate your PS4 to [System] >...
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    Xbox One new racing accessory line-up video w/ Major Nelson Source: I'd absolutely LOVE to try out their new "algorithm language" for Force Feedback. Still disappointed about no 3rd party support.
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    Fallout update, Fukushima Japan, august 2013

    Updates on Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, 10th august 2013. RT-network Talk radio program, Thom Hartman
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    PS3 Visualizer App headed for the PS Store

    A new visualizer app from Pixeljunk developer Q-games will be available next Tuesday on the U.S PS Store for the PS3. The app launches with a promotion price of $2.99 No word on Europe or Asia as of yet.
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    Signs that games pre-orders for PS4 outpacing Xbox one 4:1 in the US

    Numbers reported by suggest that current pre-orders for PS4 games are four times higher that of Xbox One in the United States.
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    Employe of Janet Jacksons husbands raped - gets sentenced for 16 months and loses job

    -The Norwegian woman, 24, jailed in Dubai for reporting that she had been raped -Janet Jackson's husband fired Marte Dalelv (24)