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    Call of Duty 4 Problems

    Just brought it, tried to get online, checks HDD then quits to the XMB... this normal and easy to fix? Or is it the disc? Cheers and rep in advance
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    SSX Friends!

    Sup Guys! I've just got SSX this morning and none of my PSN friends have it, so it seems anyway haha. I want to get loads of SSX friends to beat scores and such, Add me on PSN so we can get playing! : Tom1525
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    Completed Uncharted, Thoughts:

    Sup. Absolutely loved it, the only MASSIVE let down was the AI... what have they done!? Small things were the textures sometimes taking awhile to load and the lack of a mega hard boss ending. People say the aiming was horrid but I think it was fine after getting used to it and also the 'lack...
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    Battle Field 3 DLC Now Free

    Haven't seen this posted already -!/Battlefield/status/81395538259476480 They've given up, internet wins. The pre order will now only have a timed exclusive map.
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    PSN Store Update Thread On When Its Back Up

    Hey guys putting this thread up so that people know when the store will be back up n stuff. I'll be watching the twitter of PSN EU and will post stuff as its announced hope you guys add updates on the situation too. Can't wait for these free games :p
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    This legal? Even to advertise?

    Thoughts ?
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    I'm I the only one thinking about leaving the forum?

    **Am I the only one thinking about leaving the forum? This is an example of whats driving me crazy on this forum now. Ever since PSN coming down, we've had so many new people, most trolls, most kids with not a clue about things. Is anything going to be done about these people, I'm using the...
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    Portal 2 Hype Thread

    Steam update has come out and it is now ready for PS3 function 0.o[email protected] is currently were everything is kicking off for steam users. 5 Days left for us
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    DC Universe Online Beta Opinions

    Im pretty much in love with this beta, it has its massive flaws being a beta like Loss of audio Freezing Lack of audio like people/electrical noises/cars in street And buggy quests that seem to restart on me -_- Im level 10 now and loving it anyways just wondering anyone on here play it ...
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    Playstation phone? Bull ? Sorry if old, i just found it
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    Right come on... whos stuck on GOLD trophy's last character...

    This is impossible... im kenji playing kenji on table tennis. And its like... wow. Best out of 3, not a chance hahah ill try tomorrow. Anyone else in the same position? (for the idiots, im talking about sports champions)
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    Im in love with table tennis on Sports Champs

    Its just fantastic, like, the unlockables are great, but needs to be more. Each character has there own style of play. The victory pose at the end of each trophy is so funny especially when your playing in boxers haha. Im on the 2rd character on GOLD trophy, its tuff stuff ! Does anyone find...
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    Whos Disappointed/Bored already?

    Im thinking of taking back one controller and sports champ. Just buying mag and a nav controller me thinks... Reasonss.... Wont need 2 for mag/socom and time crisis. (the only games ill prob get) Sports champions need effort, iffy controls especially getting an arrow out -_-. And i...
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    Crysis 2 And Move Support

    Possibility ? Rumors ? It would be bloody amazing !
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    Time Crisis Razing Storm AND Socom 4

    Right these are really the only two games i care about for move, other than sports champs. Razing storm out in november correct? The only place i could find a release date was site. Socom got delayed till next year right ?
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    New Forum Layout Feedback, YEY OR NAY

    Whats your opinions? I think that stupid advertisement/white box :S should be moved so its just back to full length. (the thing right of this box) everything else seems good.
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    Playstation Move And GT5

    Possibility ? Any rumors?
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    The Nav Controller... is it a con?

    Right, i've just asked my self, why am i going to get the nav controller? Its not even motion right? Surely its just a luxury for when socom comes out.. right ? Should i just get 2 motions ?
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    PlayTV - Got For £20

    Hey guys i got PlayTV for cheep as its not been out for a long time and come down in price loads. Never realized how good it is. Just wondering if anyones got any tips on usage ? I want to get a wireless remote because i keep fast forwarding stuff when my ps3 controllers on my bed lol.
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    FF Online Beta Sign Up Nuff said