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    Welcome to AC: Black Flag
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    COD Ghosts upgrade from 360 to XB1 for £10.00

    I intend to go as fully digital on the XB1 also (as well as the PS4), however I understand, unlike the upgrade of this title being to the DD version on the PS, its a disk based upgrade on the Xbox. Anyone know of any info offering the digital upgrade path for this title on the Xbox too?
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    I have decided, digital only for me!

    As per the title, I have decided to go digital only and will be only getting games off of the PSN. I don't think I will be paying too much over the odds bearing in mind there are often deals on PSN cards at reduced prices, for example £50 of credit for £40 on Anyone else...
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    BF4 - New Paracel Storm ingame footage - incredible!!!

    I simply cannot wait for this, this looks fantastic, especially the new game mode. Granted its the PC version but hopefully the PS4 version wont be too dissimilar. What do you guys think?!!
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    BF4 class system and perks - good article
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    Can you list your names below if you have any of the games listed below, as I would like to add ya so I can attempt to beat your scores :D I like the challenge of trying to beat "friends" scores rather than faceless randoms... 1. Super Star Dust 2. Lumines 3. Wipeout. Cheers :D
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    Just ordered a wifi vita from Amazon (UK)

    Inc a free 8gb memory card and Lumines for £15. I plan to take Lumines to Tesco and swap for either Wipeout or Uncharted, which they will do if you say you lost the receipt and its still in the wrapper 8-)
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    Go Go Go! Sainsburys Online discount voucher

    Hi, I didnt put this in the bargain thread as I think this runs out soon...use code JSGANEW102011 and you get about £8 or £9 off. Uncharted 3 for £30.39 or BF 3 (Limited Ed) for £31.99 for example. Can be used on any pre-order by the looks of it...
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    BF3 multiplayer maps revealed in more detail **UPDATED 17/10 inc new footage!!**

    Link to 4 of the MP maps, other 5 revealed today (I think)...looking good, base jumping ftw :DAlso at least one of the maps is at night, should be coolio...
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    Gears 3 Pre-Order bonus?

    Hey chaps, I have had a quick look in the forum and couldn't see an answer.... Is it worth pre-ordering Gears 3 in terms of getting any decent additional content, or is all that's available a playable character or weapon skin (neither of which bothers me). There isn't any additional bonus map...
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    Hit detection issue?

    Has anyone else experienced issues with the hit detection in the game (both SP and MP)...quite a few times I am standing near an object, like a post at the top of the stairs in the Market retro map, with my crosshairs turned red, clearly on the enemy target. Then when you fire you procede to...
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    Resistance 2 -Co-Op players required (UK)

    Hi, I have just about finished Resistance 2 single player campaign and will be doing the online co-op mini campaigns in the next week or two. I was wondering if there are any fellow forum users who would like to join me in doing so, either also for the first time like me or for the hell of it...
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    I have a spare LBP beta code...

    anyone willing to swap a PSN title for it, I'd rather like Super Stardust if anyone has it..
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    PAIN - Unlocking the other game modes

    First of all apologies for posting this, I am sure the answer is here somewhere but I couldnt find it... Can somebody post a link on what needs to be done to unlock the other game modes in PAIN, I am getting bored with PAINdemonium! Thx.
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    GT5 Prologue sharing

    Sorry if this has already been asked... my mate is about to grab the GT5 Prologue from the Jap store and in an effort to share the cost I suggested we go 50/50 on the cost if I can redownload it to my console using his account. Can anyone verify if this is possible please?
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    THE XBOX 360 Ultimate *Rumoured New SKU for 2008*

    See link.. I quote.. Discuss...
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    Singstar - What songs would you want adding to the Singstore?

    As the title suggests, what songs would you like to see added to the Singstore for you to embarass yourself to?... For me it would have to Sweet Child 'o Mine by G'n'R..would be great to do a bit of air guitar to also :twisted: and Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve, awesome song