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    MogStation Error code: 406

    This is really pissing me off now. Just upgraded my game to the PS4 version and I'm trying to reactvate my character with a 6 month subscription on MogStation. I keep getting this error though when I try to pay with my Visa card. No idea how to sort it out. Looked around the Internet, apparently...
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    Bloodborne ALPHA: Sign up now.

    SOURCE This was posted on Reddit. Didn't get the email, but someone shared the URL anyway. You can go there and put your name down for it. :D
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    Has anyone else preordered the Playstation TV?

    I just placed my preorder on Amazon. £85 in the UK. I'm loving the remote play feature on my Vita, but the ability to so it with all the other TVs in my house and my laptop too (which has HDMI In...have my PS3 connected to it currently) is extremely appealing to me. I can also continue playing...
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    Favourite mission so far?

    So just thought I would ask everyone what their favorite missions are so far. I've finished all the story missions on Earth and The Moon and I'm about to move onto Venus. My favorite mssion so far definitely takes place on The Moon.
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    Can we sort out some games?

    So my copy was dispatched yesterday from Amazon and it'll probably arrive tomorrow. Looking for some people to play with. Didn't really get a chance to play the Alpha or Beta. So I'm really looking forward to it! :)
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    Tomorrow is finally the day!

    So I just got a balance alert email from my bank, and for once it was the good kind! My pay for the month just went into my account. Turns out I made quite a bit more than I realised, did a load of overtime this month and covered shifts for people away on holiday. Long story short, tomorrow is...
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    What is your rarest trophy?

    Just interested to see what is the rarest trophy you guys have? Go to the link below and look up your PSN ID, on the right of the profile it will give you a list of the rarest trophies you have achieved. My rarest is Modnation Superstar from Modnation Racers for getting...
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    [OMGWTFBBQ!] Best Minigame from best game gets it's own remake for smartphones!?

    Screw XIII Agito, the Final Fantasy VII Bike minigame lives again! Couldn't believe my eyes when this appeared in my YouTube feed! :lol:
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    E3 2014: Naughty Dog Interview
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    Playstation TV Question...

    I know you can plug Vita games into this device to play them, but does it also let you take your memory card out of your Vita and play your digital games? All my Vita games are I would probably buy one if it did this. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
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    What am I going to miss?

    Ok so next Monday I am going to be working 12-6pm GMT (UK Time), then I'll be off for the rest of E3. I think I might be missing some of Microsoft's converence...if not all of it. I don't own an MS console, but I still like to watch all the conferences live. Will I be missing anything else at...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

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    The Final Fantasy X/X-2 Dilema

    So I've been wanting to pick up the remaster since it was announced. Though now after recently buying a Vita and there being no Crossbuy on the game I'm wondering. Should I get the PS3, Vita version or shell out the money for both?
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    After 2 years I now have a Vita

    So there we have it, it only took me 2 years a substantial number of free games built up in my back catalog of Plus titles and a decent price. Today I bought the Vita Slim. £180 for the console a 16GB stick with some preloaded games and a starter kit with a case. Think that was a decent deal...
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    Who wants a digital copy of FarCry 3?

    I already have a physical version and the PS+ version. I just bought a copy of Stick of Truth from GAME and it came with a free download code for FarCry 3 as well. Free to anyone who wants it. Preferably an established member. This is a UK code by the way.
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    *REQUEST* Rick & Morty Sig and Avy (Mr Meseeks)

    Just started watching this cartoon and love it, want a new sig and avy...go wild. Use any images you want that includes Rick & Morty and/or Mr Meseeks as long as it looks cool. ;) "I'M MR MESEEKS, LOOK AT ME!"
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    Funds added to my account!

    So I woke up this morning to two e-mails saying that I had apparently added two sets of £30 to my account with my debit card totaling £60 while I was sleeping. Sure enough I logged onto my PlayStation account and it showed my current balance as £60. I also checked my bank account and it...
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    The Witness Walkthrough with Jonathan Blow Actually looks pretty fun and addictive.
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Morder (THIS LOOKS AMAZING!)

    Seriously check this out! Looks like Assassin's Creed meets Lord of the Rings! This may just be the first LotR game I buy in years!
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    The Last of Us: Left Behind Cinematic Interview