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    Why PS Vita was a no-show at E3 2016 (you've heard this one before, trust me)

    Yeah, the Vita I think just came out around the wrong time. I think it would have helped the Vita if it didn't focus on so much touch screen features and somehow had two triggers. For me, I have played some really great games over the years but the biggest advantage has been the remote play...
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    Why PS Vita was a no-show at E3 2016 (you've heard this one before, trust me)

    Yeah, it was really no surprise that Vita saw no love at E3. And as mentioned, with focus shifted away from AAA development on the Vita, there's really nothing to show for it anyways. Maybe a few obscure titles yet to be released, but it would've probably brought the presentation down...
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    Anyone getting Playstation VR?

    So with a lot more information revealed, just curious who may have pre-ordered when they could or those looking to try and pick on up on launch. I ended up pre-ordering it and am pretty hyped for it.
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    Well....this was unexpected.

    I ended up picking it up from the flash sale. Can't really go wrong for $8. Definitely some sacrifices made to get it work, but it is worth it if looking for an XCOM itch.
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    [PS4] Elder Scrolls Online - The First 50

    In any MMO game, it takes weeks to months to truly get a chance to experience what the game has to offer. Covering every facet of an MMO would be a daunting task, instead I cover the typical experience one would have if they went from Level 1 to 50. As any MMO goes, this is covering the game...
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    Should I buy a Vita?

    Well, it's pretty awesome for light gaming. Huge backlog of older games and a pretty decent selection right now if you were to invest. The future may not be bright, but there's already a lot you could be playing and since it's for light gaming, I think you would enjoy it. These days I mainly...
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    Need Help with Mechanical Keyboards

    So I have started to look into mechanical keyboards, wondering what's "good" and if they really make a difference. Anyone have 'em? Do they completely change your life ;) I've been using this cheapo keyboard, just curious for suggestions.
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    Considering buying a Vita soon

    Remote Play works wonders for me. As I work a very physical job that leads to back pain, my vita remains next to my bed. I've used to play just about every one of my ps4 titles, like Destiny, Last of Us, and GTA V primarily. Through Time Warner I get ok speeds and generally as long as I...
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    Stepping Down as Community Content Manager

    Hey all, Just wanted to announce that I'll be stepping down from my position effective immediately. It has been a pleasure to serve PSU in such a fashion, creating reviews or opinions. I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the section and wanted it to watch it grow like I did...
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    [PS VITA] Tearaway

    Most of the older gamers grew up gaming where the main objective was moving between platforms, jumping on enemies and avoiding traps or pitfalls. Nowadays, gaming is more about getting the highest Kill-to-Death ratio, unlocking the next weapon or buying the latest map pack. It’s not that you...
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    [PC] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    I have played just about every MMO that has come onto the market ever since Everquest Online Adventures hit the PS2. The young me learned very early the addicting nature these games can create, as you go forth grinding away levels or gear to reach the next piece of content. Essentially, you do...
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    Which PS Vita Games Do You Own?

    Tearaway is pretty awesome! About half way thru now. Added Spelunky and Lone Survivor to the list when it was on sale. Just fun games for the here and now when I have like 20 mins to kill.
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    Changes to the Community Section?

    I wanted to address the rather lackluster activity of this section and see what we could do to maybe turn things around and get people creating reviews and opinions again. When this section first opened up, I thought it was a great idea and a great way to get the community to discuss games...
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    Sir_Scud's Most Wanted!

    Hey guys, just trying to drum up some more reviews, so I'm giving out a bounty for people who put the time in to make new reviews on new games. Preferably games on PS4, Xbox One, Vita, Wii U or 3DS. For those that submit reviews on games that came out recently, I'll enter you into a lottery...
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    Tearaway half off on US PSN until Monday

    ....Annnd now I own Tearaway. I had some credit on PSN and being half off, couldn't pass that up!
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    Get Plus for a year for only $22!

    There's a limit of 5. The deal starts at 9 PM PST (or midnight for eastern peeps) These will be the physical cards, but one hell of a deal! Source...
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    FFXIV is on sale 14.99 for PC version

    Just a heads up for anyone who is curious. It's right here on their website: Since I already own the PC version, I was thinking about the ps3 version since it's also on sale. Does anyone know if the ps3...
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    GOTG Contest

    Hey guys! I'm happy to say there is another competition for the Community Reviews & Opinions section, this time focusing on your personal game of this generation. The reward will be a $20 credit in the correct currency for the winner. Rules: Simply write a review on your favorite game of the...
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    Is a PS Vita worth buying......

    I don't think I would've bought a vita for only remote play. Hard to judge before we see how it will be like on PS4 before launch, but I love my Vita for a quick 15-20 min game of this or that. Machinarium is perfect for me in that sense. I bought it more because I knew there were a lot of...
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    Community Reviews New Banners 15k

    Hey guys, With PS4 and X1 around the corner, think it's time to spruce up the Reviews & Opinions section. spydre's work was incredible, but for the review section we will need some new banners for PS4 and Xbox One. I have no skills in such things, so I thought I'd ask for some help. However...