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    Fixed PS3 YLOD

    My PS3 YLOD last thursday morning so and because im stingy I was determined to fix it myself and I successfully did :D Anyone have any success stories or stories were they may not of been successful.
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    Has your PS3 taken a fall?

    Mine took one this morning :O, I nearly pooped myself, but it still works. It took about a metre fall.
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    Rescue Me

    Anyone watch/used watched it? Liked or disliked?
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    Whats your opinion on this?

    Source You got to be ****ing kidding me.
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    Couldnt find the right spot to put this, if it is in the wrong spot move it :D
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    iTunes Embeds Email in DRM Free Tracks

    Source: iTunes Plus: Everything you need to know - Crave at CNET UK Apple is watching you o.O