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  1. NoUse4AName68

    Would you like Blu-ray reviews on PSU?

    We've been kicking the idea around lately, so I've decided to see what you guys think. Would you guys be interested in seeing Blu-ray reviews on The basic review would cover if the movie was worth watching, how the picture and audio quality is, and what features are on the disc. Also...
  2. NoUse4AName68

    What I don't understand is...

    Why do people feel such strong hatred towards the opposing format? Blu-ray fans HATE HD-DVD, HD-DVD fans LOATHE BD fans. Why? What possible reason would someone have to say "HD-DVD sucks" or "Blu-ray sucks?" Both formats have their ups and downs, and I personally find it very childish to bash...
  3. NoUse4AName68

    Blu-ray region encoding causing lost exclusives? It isn't going to create a huge difference, but still isn't good...
  4. NoUse4AName68

    PSU Will be interviewing Disney and BDA Reps

    In the next few weeks, PSU will be interviewing Disney CEO's and representatives, along with several members of the Blu-ray Disc Association, and Panasonic. Are there any specific questions you would like for us to get answered for you? This is your opportunity to ask anything about Blu-ray. The...
  5. NoUse4AName68

    PSU Hands on with Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Alright guys, this was the other game I had the chance to play down in L.A. last week. To be honest, I had been getting really tired of the series, but this one just may be able to rope me back in, there is definitely...
  6. NoUse4AName68

    PSU Hands on with COD4 This game is going to be hot!!
  7. NoUse4AName68

    StarCraft 2 CGI Trailer!!!!

    It is unknown if the new StarCraft title is PC only, and until confirmation we can only hope that the title will be multiplatform. Here is the newest CGI trailer from the Blizzard Convention in Korea. Link to trailer:
  8. NoUse4AName68

    PS3Land "Gamer's Day Breakdown" *Update w/pics*

    OK, hours behind, but it's up. Check out PS3land's coverage of Gamer's Day, it's got lots of great info! *Updated with screens of some of the announced games!
  9. NoUse4AName68

    NEW CONTEST!! User created vid contest!!`

    OK guys, we all do graphic design, now let's see some video editting talent... here's the contest, Create a video, less than 5 minutes, using E3 trailers. Must be pg-13, so no unedited music, gotta keep it clean for the kids :) Winner will get 1000 skill points from me so get working! The...
  10. NoUse4AName68

    Game Stop is preordering games!

    If your lookin to buy CoD3 or THP8, go preorder!!
  11. NoUse4AName68

    Gears of War what? On the site, a countdown has been running for some time, and it ends pretty soon, can't wait to see what it is for. Rumors are saying that a demo will be on XBL when the countdown is done.
  12. NoUse4AName68

    Official launch date and price!

    at the end of the conference a guy came out and said the following launch dates and prices!! Japan November 11th 20gb- 59800 yen 60gb- open to retailers North America, Europe, Southeast Asia November 17th 20gb $499. 499 euros 60gb $599. 599 euros EVERYONE GO PREORDER...
  13. NoUse4AName68 back up Friends management available

    Well the site JUST popped back up, and the only different thing im seeing is friends management, where you can go on to send and recieve friend requests, i hope that isnt all the changed..
  14. NoUse4AName68

    Another gaming related murder...

    Pretty sad, killing someone over whether or not to play cd's in a PS2...
  15. NoUse4AName68

    New way to run sotw

    To avoid popularity contests, submissions should all be sent in to the person in charge of the sotw contest and posted on the poll without any names attached, this way, we avoid popularity contests and we choose the best sig.
  16. NoUse4AName68

    On second thought, Wii may appeal to adults...

    This is not appropriate for the forums. ~ PBM ~
  17. NoUse4AName68

    Would you pay for design work?

    Just to get an idea of how the Design Team's idea of a pay per package design concept, would you pay money for a package of avatars, sigs and wallpapers?
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    How come all of the announcements are posted in the General Chat section? Shouldn't they be in the announcements section? They are starting to clutter the General Chat area.
  19. NoUse4AName68

    Critical Hour Backwards Compatible?

    If anyone has gotten rainbow six critical hour yet, please let me know if it is backwards compatible!!!
  20. NoUse4AName68

    Looking to buy Dreamcast, Saturn, and PS1 systems/games

    Let me know if you got any dreamcast saturn, or ps1 games your willing to sell. i wanna get some old games!!