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    Deathmatch Mac vs PC Video Really Cool! :D
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    Draw Your Safety...

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    PSP-3000 Scanline issue. Is it really that bad?

    Interesting? Taken From
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    [TEP] Needs Members!

    Iv Created A Clan Called The European Prophecy. [TEP] For Short, Im On RFOM Because R2 Is S**t Online, So If You Wanna Join, Feel Free. Im Mostly On Custom 1 Hit Sniper Servers. SPREAD THE WORD OF [TEP] OVER EVERY FPS! PSN: CL3AR0XYG3N Thanks Matt
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    iPhone Update Error (Bricked iPhone) HELP!

    Hey, Iv Got A iphone 3g 16b on o2 contract, and i updated it from 2.00 to 2.01, it removed the old OS and started installing the new one, and a error happened just before it finished iv tryed everything on the apple website,changing usb,uninstalling itunes/reinstalling etc,same thing...
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    Trenderdia Issues?

    Trenderdia Issues? Hi Guys I have a problem...... I have this malware/addware/spyware or something on the computer which I use at the moment which has an annoying little message coming up every 30 seconds which says "You Will Die Next Month" I got this by simply...
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    Gta 4 Easter Egg - THE HEART OF THE CITY

    I Have Looked On The Forums To See If Anyone Has Posted It Up Yet, So I Thought Id Let You All Know, This Is One Creepy Easter Egg... Sorry I Forgot How To Embed Vids ENJOY
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    Help: Do You Know?

    Help Me Find This Game... OK, Its A PSX Game Very Similar To Resident Evil But Is A Bit More Futuristic And You Can Play As A American Guy Or A Japanese Woman, I Forgot The Name And I Wanna Buy It Back Off Ebay, It Was A Good Game. Thanks In Advance...
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    Weird Video

    WTF, This IS Strange...
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    Is Anyone Getting Hyped For This Movie, 8 Days Away! Does It Come Out On The 18th In The UK Aswell Or Is This The US Release Date? Also, If You Know Anything New/Rumours, Say, It Will Get Me More Hyped Up!
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    The Beauty and the Beast Unit

    I Know A Bit About MGS4 But From Closer Inspection From Wiki That All 4 Are Women!,I Know 'Crying Wolf' Would Be A Woman Because Of Sniper Wolf, But What About The Others?(Doesn't Make Sence) I Didnt Know This!
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    Worst Thing You Have Ever Done...

    Im A Bit Of A Goody Goody :mrgreen:, But I Set A Skip On Fire Once, And Nearly Killed Rabbit Coz It Bit Me :cry: Whats The Worst Thing You Have Ever Done?
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    Iv Noticed After 3 Weeks of Having the Game That my Les Paul Guitar Has A Ethernet Port, Why Would I Need This?
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    Why Pay For Covers?

    Why Pay For Guitar Covers On The Les Paul's? Why Dont You Paint Them, I Did, Then Scrach In Your Favorite Band And Put Designs On That YOU want, Saves You Money. Heres Mine: PIMPED!
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    A Great Japanese Metal Band

    Girugamesh! Their Not Known Much,But I Think Their Great... Download One Of Their Songs Called 'Real My Place', Its Awesome! Their Myspace:
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    Guitar Hero Finishes?

    How The Hell Do You Apply Them? When I Buy New Guitars They Come Up But When I Buy Finishes Theres Nothing There, I Was Told A Menu Comes Up To Change Them...Is My Game Screwed? Please Help
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    Snake In A Box: A Must Do

    A Must Do For Gamers/MGS Fans: Instructions Here Aswell^
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    GH3 PS2 On PS3?

    Will The Game And Controller Work With The Ps3?
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    GH3 Controller?

    I Know On The Ps2 Controller It Takes Batteries, But Does The ps3's Version? Coz I Thought Of Getting The Ps2 Version Coz The Guitar Looks Way Kooler Than The Gibson One on ps3
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    Guitar Hero III Question

    Is They A Difference Between Ps2 And Ps3 Versions, Does The Ps3 Have More Songs,Or Do You Download More Off PSN Like On XBL For Guitar Hero II? Thanks