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  1. $_KD_

    Ps3forums Chat

    HEY there guys, ive had an idea in my head about we having our own Chat place. like those IRC chat things, i mean sometimes i want to be chatting it up with people in here and i think it would be a good update to the forums,especially a good idea when big events come on by and people flood up...
  2. $_KD_

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon who's going to see the movie this friday?:p im gonna go see it. its been a while since i saw an animated cartoon in theaters since Beavis and Butthead:do america. im freaking out! just one more day! here's the trailer of the movie for...
  3. $_KD_

    Ratchet and Clank

    hey wat happend to this? nobody even got the game or what? well any ways i was seeing the gamplay and reviews on gamespot and man im going to pick this game up along with motorstorm!. im surprised there's no people here talking about the game.
  4. $_KD_

    MTV on Games.

    ok so here it is;more;7&page=1#comments what are your guys opinion on this? you guys think this media will bring good to us gamers? or bad?
  5. $_KD_

    BattleField2 Help

    ok so im thinking of buying battlefield 2 for the pc, and i was wondering if this card is goood enough to play it very well without no framerate problem on my pc. please...
  6. $_KD_

    fresh paint(skins)

    allright well i was looking around ebgames if they had some ps3 skins but nothing. so i googled up skins for the ps3 and this came up they got some really cool skins for the ps3 but dont know if its worth the 15 bucks plus tax. what you guys think? they are very detailed though.
  7. $_KD_

    1up-VGA contest

    ok this is crazy i just received an email from ziff davis saying i just won 2 tickets to the Video Game Awards!! i just wanted to share to all you gamers!! im so happy!!!this is great news.:mrgreen:
  8. $_KD_

    what does your name mean(username)?

    okay so im intrested on what does your name stand for on here is it a nickname or what? KD= komodo dragon. idk but my friend gave me that nickname because i look like a lizard.8)
  9. $_KD_

    going to cut my hair..

    im officially going to cut my hair, should i do a mohawk? or go bald?
  10. $_KD_

    FRIDAY the 13TH

    ok i had this on mind, i know that when someone says watch out for friday the 13th, meaning wtf? they say when you look @ a black cat that day, you will have bad luck or get haunted. well my question is has anyone encountered bad luck on friday the 13th? or anything wrong? if so talk about it, i...
  11. $_KD_

    what thoughts you have about...

    the new metal gear solid game for the psp. i know im going to get it. but does any one have videos? or news about this game?
  12. $_KD_

    help on graphics card

    i just needed help deciding what type of graphics card i should get just to play bf2(battlefield 2). i want to buy something with a $100-$120 range or lower that i can run smooth on my computer. i just want an honest opinion, because this is my 1st time buying a graphics card.
  13. $_KD_

    NEXT-GEN FIGHTING the way you been playing fighting game's are going to change with this new product being shown in this link and is going to be @ E3 8) .
  14. $_KD_

    avatar problem!

    i have a homer simpson avatar that i put in my profile . but it doesnt seem to show it!.help :! the way 420 is here :D
  15. $_KD_


    I was messing around in when i saw this link yeah you got it its a damn 103 inch plasma tv.i just wanted to share this with all of the ppl on here enjoy, and drop by with your opinions on this...
  16. $_KD_


    when i play socom 3 people tell me that i question is what is causing my lag?.i have my router set up(DSL) but instead of connecting a dsl cable on the back of it. :roll: i connected a regular phone line cable.i dont know but i need help on getting rid of the lag.
  17. $_KD_

    problems with the psp.

    i just want to know what do u need to get online with the psp?.because i tried connecting and it would let me get i need like an update? or some software?.i just want some answers with no b.s. thanks.