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    metro remastered games

    Never heard of them and have never played them. Are they any good? What could they be compared to?
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    War Thunder Help

    How can I get into a fresh game? I seem to get into games halfway through, or is that how it's supposed to be? [PressSquare To Join Battle] - Just kicks me into an arcade game. Are there no options for historical or sim? I only ever seem to get into one map, a big grassy one, but the...
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    2 Ps3, One Game

    Sorry, I didn't know where to post this, but will get it deleted when I get the answer. I have 2 ps3's, and my brother is coming over for a week tomorrow. If I download Ghosts on both my ps3's can he sign in as himself on my ps3 and play it? Can we both play at the same time? He thinks we can...
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    How is it?

    Is it worth the download? I know I sound stingy, but I'm halfway through the month and I don't want to download 2.6gb if it's not that great. What's the game comparable to? And is it playable solo or must I join a clan to get the benefit of it? Is everything obtainable through playing the game...
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    Everybody's Golf World Tour Voice Chat

    With this game in the January Sale I've been thinking of getting it. I just need to know what the voice chat situation is from anyone that has the game. There's a lot of conflicting posts online saying it was added in an update, it's only for match play, it's only 1v1... . So something more...
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    Quick Ps+ question EU

    This new thing they're doing, if I just get a 3 month one will I still be able to get all the games? Or just the 6? What I mean is, Infamous and LBp2 will be available to me too yeah? I haven't subbed in over a year, but all my previous PS+ games will reactivate?
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    Anyone With Black Ops And 15 Spare Mins?

    Seems an odd request, but would someone log in as me, click prestige and then play a match so I can get my token from it? I don't have Black Ops any more and the nearest GameStop is 2 hours away. (Plus I really don't want the game) I can't offer much in return, but I'll give you Rep, all my...
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    Want To Play Wager Type Matches In MW3? - Look here.

    None of my friends want to play these gamemodes which is a bummer for me as they I really enjoyed them in Black Ops. Do you and your friends regularly play them? Or are you like me with no one who wants to? Put your names in this thread [ps3/xbox] and we'll add eachother. Then when we see...
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    Make It Yourself Phonestand

    I'm not big into people advertising themselves, but it's my first video and thought I'd share it to see if I should continue doing it. I'm pretty late to the youtube game, but better late than never eh? It's also the first time I've used video editing software which I learned how to do this...
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    Logitech Driving Force Gt - Anyone at one right now? + rep

    I'm making a stand for someone and I don't have the pedals here and he's at work. I also can't find the dimensions online. Could someone please tell me the length and width of the base of the pedals. Thanks guys.
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    Xbox Forum

    Got an Xbox today, still having a fiddle with it. Is there an Xbox forum similar to this place? I've searched for a while and only find crappy dead ones. I want an unofficial one like this place (a thriving community). What forum do you use for your Xbox news?
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    Webe++ - Great App For Jailbroken iDevices

    I was having a browse for an app that let me use my iPhone as a PS3 keyboard... and I found one! Webe++ is a bluetooth app that syncs with your Ps3. It lets you use the d-pad directional buttons, triangle circle X square, start and select. Plus a full qwerty keyboard. You can also use the...
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    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

    I'm thinking of getting this game but couldn't find a thread about it. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Do any of you have it? I was looking for impressions on it if you don't mind. Is the single player any good? What's it compared to? How do you find the online? Good fun...
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    Kung-Fu Live Thread

    Who's bought it? I have and what I've played so far shows it will be a good game, I just can't get the background remover working properly. Some of me is missing, or some of the wall shows up, it's annoying. I've changed and altered everything I can but can't get it right. The wall behind me...
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    Tomb Raider Underworld - PSN Dowload Help

    I downloaded the the trial version through PS+ and I want to buy the full game now, but when I go to the game on the store there is no unlock key and it says I have already purchased the game (which I haven't). What's going on? It still has the icon next to it that says it's a trial and also...
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    Sig Tournament Semis - irish-sid vs. MentallyCritical

    Theme - Seven Deadly Sins irish-sid MentallyCritical
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    What Have I Missed Out On?

    I haven't really kept up with games etc.. for quite a while now. Just the usual COD, Fifa, Motorstorm etc.... I've recently found myself with a lot of time on my hands and have been trying get some games to play. I know I've missed out on some great games and I'd like you to list them for me...
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    Quick Suggestion On A Game To Get Please....

    I'm heading out very shortly (within the hour) and I want to get a new game, but I really haven't been keeping up to date with anything for quite a while, so I don't know what's good. I'm going to trade in Heavy Rain and GOW3. I have MW2, so I'm not really interested in MAG or BC2 etc... So...
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    GOW3 - Quick question

    I beat the game lastnight, it was good. Some items I picked up throughout the game said I can use them when the game is completed. Where are they and how do I use them?
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    What Am I Doing Wrong? YLOD.

    I got some Arctic Silver thermal paste and a heat gun today to try and fix my ylod. Twice now it's failed. I followed a Youtube vid exactly. I don't know what is going wrong. I cleaned the old stuff off, heated like shown, applied new paste as shown and put it back together. I'd say I have...