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    Anyone successfully hooked up their PS3 to Monitor? (DVI / VGA)

    I have a decent HP monitor that's a few years old. It has a VGA and DVI output. I know that DVI is higher quality than VGA, so I got me a DVI cable and an adapter thats HDMI -> DVI. I was going to plug my DVI cable into the adapter DVI port, and then, adapter HDMI port into the back of the...
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    What's the best Cooling Device?

    I'm looking for a cooling device for my ps3. I'm also aware that the Ps3 is capable of cooling itself, but where I'm running it, is a warm/hot room. I only want your opinions and objections on what's the best, most efficient, well built cooling fan/device out there. Price is not an option...
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    Did anyone see this yet? (E3 List)

    Didn't see this anywhere on here, not sure if its been posted.!/
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    My Showcase (2009-10)

    SHOWCASE OF PAST WORK 2009-2010 ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ PM IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY OF THE XCF's .
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    PS3 Making small grinding noise

    Its not a huge deal, but do any of yall ps3's make this semi-faint grinding noise. Not super loud, or not super low. Its to the point where you can hear it. It does this when i'm playing games or reading dvds. My guess is it having some problem to do with the reading from the CD. But the games...
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    *Official: Grand Theft Auto V is on its way*

    Grand Theft Auto V (Grand Theft Auto 5) ________________________________________________ Details The details on the game are scarce as of right now, but more is to come later on. Here's where i had seen more info on the game. Based on Rockstar's developing of future games right now, the...
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    Signature of the Month - November

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    Need help

    Im looking for a game similar to grand theft auto. Not exactly alike, but something similar to any game out of the series. I've look all around but couldn't find anything.. Does anyone have anything in mind?
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    Formula vs Finalreaper

    formula finalreaper .
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    Metroid Prime

    Battle meh Theme Metroid Prime
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    Signature of the Month - October

    SIGNATURE OF THE MONTH O C T O B E R SOTW #73 Celebrities - irish-sid SOTW #74 Freestyle - Formula SOTW #75 Favorite Band/Musician - Formula SOTW #76 Villains - Formula
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    SOTM *September*

    ~Signature of the Month~ September _____________________________________________ SOTW #69 - Uncharted 2 Kingpin326 SOTW #70 - Freestyle irish-sid SOTW #71 - Favorite Game Kingpin326 SOTW # 72 - 8/16 bit Games Theft Winner can get this from the shop
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    Formula vs Kingpin

    Formula Kingpin326 .
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    Sig Warzz

    Theme is Hitman Heres some renders you can use. I don't really care for a prize, only if you want one.
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    Formula vs Irishsid

    People Formula Irishsid
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    Formula vs Tribunal

    Theme - Stock based Formula Tribunal
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    Sig battle

    Using one of these three stocks
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    Formula Versus elitegamer

    Formula elitegamer
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    Formula vs ak41sp9

    IRONMAN Formula ak41sp9
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    Formula vs Kingpin

    Theme: ABSTRACT Formula Kingpin