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    Need a coder

    Anyone that has time on there hands for a side project ill pay by the hour or for whole project, need a programmer to mod out adblocker source code extensions for chrome/ firefox call me 856 503 6289 or email me [email protected]
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    You tube FIX!!!!!! link included

    worked like a charm, my yearly contribution Some guy on some site
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    Old But Great/ Greatest speech ever made First few seconds kinda slow but picks up. Nothing more to say.:o
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    Any chemist here? Trying to make some very special

    Jelly, pure alcohol jello, I tried Google just getting a whole bunch of jello shot formulas wonder if its chemically even possibly..
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    Dubstep Anyone?

    if your into it, these two channels changed the whole genre for me eargasmic
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    So UFO's are real and we are at war?..Linky inside Here is another source (update to the top part)
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    Real life Robo Cop Embed not working but just click that guy must of have really pissed that cop off lol
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    Any Great Furniture sites? +rep for a good site

    So been looking at buying some furniture, just a new sofa the most part. but only good site i have found so far would be. Any others out there? Little weird shopping online for sofas cause you can't feel the "comfyness". :lol:
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    Googles Servers Visualized

    WOW But like it says not all servers are created equal.
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    LOL epic.

    Would be funnier if it was real lol. YouTube- Avatar Goes Hang Gliding | Longer Version
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    What would happen if you blew up a tornado?

    What would happen ? I Think it would just blow out and probably save couple lives.
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    Vibrating man. epic lols :lol::lol: cant embed it
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    If this is real then IW just messed up big(sniper frog) Do me a favor and just go through first couple of posts could explain the shooting someone with 100 rounds and then they turn to kill you. mainly this post
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    Christmas Present to the Forum.(New Brain Chip)

    well Of course I would be reading this on Christmas Reading Stuff like this separates you from
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    Ok so this is the last one I have to do, thank god. (Programing)

    EDIT:Just edited the old thread Some old posts in here. But i have to make a program that adds up all the costs of a hospital bill. I have use a function...not too hard NOW i cant figure out how to display my results to "lblCost"
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    Need help with Program VB

    Ok so I'm suppose to make a an app that compares two numbers BUt I Cant make it display to "lblResults". it just blank and I dont know what it is, its for college and due in two hours lol . :confused::confused:
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    COD-MW2 THEY ****ED IT UP! Servers Crashed, might be down for days

    Now I can't play online anymore, Its stuck at connecting to match making server. WHY the hell did they not test that patch thoroughly.:pissed::pissed::pissed: yea I tried all the usual reboot/reset/power cycleing etc
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    First atempt at a sig

    Ok so Used my car and stuff and some brushes Etc. But How the heck do you guys save these images in such low sizes without loosing quality.
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    Black Berry Bold 9700 For At&t And t-mobile

    Will be getting it in about 6 days
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    Hey can some one change the color of my rims?

    I'll give pic and who ever helps gets rep and all the points I have.. O change color to gloss black and also one with gunmetal color and smoked color rims