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    Are you going for every car?

    just wondering realy if anyone is going to try get everycar in the game, id like to and i buy most cars in the used car when i pass if i have the money and hope to make use of all 1000 cars, anyone else going for it?
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    ingame not showing whos online

    is this happening to anyone else?, when i go to profiles/community, it shows no one as been online, but plenty of people are, and playing gt5
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    halo reach advertisment

    does anybody know how much was spent? no matter what channel im on i see a halo reach advert every advert break, every magazine i look in theres a halo reach advert, in nuts a pull out advert, i saw a halo advert that lasted 6mins, i mean must of been some serious £ behind all this, but ms surly...
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    my mac screen bust HELP

    right, well for a line my mac has had a couple of dead lines of pixels, i turned it on today however and a quarter of the screen was black, the colours had inverted and had lines everywere, basically its unusable, however just want to know if i buy a monitor and use it as an external display...
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    *Stuart Pot/Gorillaz/Plastic Beach avy & sig* 3K REWARD EACH + REP

    Right well im looking for a stuart pot avy, this is the guy from gorillaz also known as 2D, i want it really just a picture with him looking abit fancy but not to fancy, standard size, the winner of this will get 2K and eveyone who tries rep also im after the same sort of style as the avy for...
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    musical/dubstep request

    right i want this picture or any other picture of skream, or anyone large in the dubstep genre i just want it really minimal, just make it look fancy without going to fancy if that makes sense, im offering 5000k as prize and will rep all entrys, just needs to be normal size please and...
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    ive been on a long break and not been on for ageees, but ive come back to find my subname changed to "im stuart pot" i mean its fine and i like it, just wondering who changed it?
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    my xbox experience

    as most around these ends probs know, i recently bought an elite for exclusives, well its gone from my secondary to my primary console, ive been playing it for around a week now,,,and wow, i want back to the ps3 today to play some killzone, and the pad is awful, the analogue's have no resistance...
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    xbox live wont connect

    ince i gtmy 360 ivehd it ookedo ymac for the internet and its worked perfect, but today i went on the 360 and i couldnt sign into live and thers saying there something wrong with the primary and secondary dns servers i used, but its been working fine before and ive changed nothing?
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    Finally got an xbox

    so i finally got an elite with forza 3 and fifa 10 for £200, not got to grips with it yet, all the layout and stuff, what games would you guys recommend? and add me if you want i dont have many friends xbl - le dubman
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    GOW3 sig & Apple avy *5000SP*

    im looking for a GOW sig, sub size ( not sure what it is), i want it to stand out, not look like the others. with my psn (the_dubman) on there someone, nice and colourful, not all dull, thanks and for avy, i would like a new imac avy, just a clipping of a new imac would be fine with nothing...
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    would like opinions before buying please

    right, first of all the 21" SD tv has finally gone and ive thought i might aswell go for the full shabang, heres a list of stuff ive looked and am going to buy unless you guys have different/ better suggestions or why the components i have chose will not work....right (i am on a budget hence low...
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    any news on colored slim ps3's?

    been a way a while and before i purchase a slim i just want to make sure theres no hint or talk of bringing coloured slims out?
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    mac boots into darwin mode help!!!!

    as the title says, im a noob when it comes to this stuff so go easy
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    MOBY avy request

    im looking for a moby avy, just really any image of his face, with some lovely effects and what ever you have to do to make it look fancy i have 1000sp to offer, or how ever much when i choose so it could be more! thanks!
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    wipeout online

    right, well at the moment the online is quite dead, but after tomorrows expansion im hoping it will breathe new life into it so basically im just wanting a couple or how ever many people, to make a list and add to my psn (and anybody else who wants to) so we can all have some races and what...
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    offcial "i got swine flu" thread

    not seen anyone about with it? but ye, i have the swine flu ;) anyone else?
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    well i picked up the killzone 2 steelbook edition, and to say the least, im hooked and now have this thing for steelbook versions now i know of killzone 2, bad company & pop all come in steelbooks, but is there any other games (that are worth getting/coming) out with steelbooks? thanks...
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    Killzone 2 patch 1.29

    just saw this on PSU and didnt see it posted around here Source
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    Blast factor trophy patch is finally live!!! (EU)

    after a long wait, i booted the game up earlier and got prompted for update 2.01, its 134mb and contains trophies which weve been left in the dark for months now, so if youve been waiting boot it up now!