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    Console ranks by FLOPS

    Maybe the next Xbox will use a ryzen CPU and be 14 flops
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    Xbox Sales and Numbers Thread

    Xbox one x had a good 2017.lets Hope Xbox one x has a good 2018. I hate other sites that say Xbox in selling poor blah blah blah.those people need to get a life
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    It's 2 terabytes or bust...

    Hello f34r do u still own the gears of war s console how do I like it
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    I bought PlayStation 4 Pro :D

    Congrats on ur new pro
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    Xbox scopcio is in stock at Amazon 499

    Plz lock Amazon took it down
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    Xbox scopcio is in stock at Amazon 499

    I got my scorpio from Amazon for 499 .u can pre order just look under other buyers
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    Just ordered a x1 scorpion need help

    Here it is now I'm having buyers remorse lol
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    Just ordered a x1 scorpion need help

    Does the Xbox Scorpio come with day one patch thank so I can start playing
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    It's 2 terabytes or bust...

    Next Xbox console needs a 3 tb drive some one on Xbox one Facebook page has two 8 tb hard drives hooked up
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    Just ordered a x1 scorpion need help

    Will games be 60 fps also thanks
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    Just ordered a x1 scorpion need help

    Hey all I just ordered a Xbox one x scorpion console from Walmart online .just a few questions.will all games be in 1080p and I don't have internet yet Wil I be able to play games off line.i know destiny needs to online but games like cod ww2 and GTA should be ok
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    Some 4K HDR footage I recorded from the One X

    Awesome iam still on the fence about the x1 or pro
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    do games still come with updates on ps4

    Hello do PS 4 games still come with updates like they did on ps3. I don't have internet yyet I wanna get the star wars bundle my friend Said I need internet for single player games I think he is nuts
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    Xbox one freezes up while transfering games to usb drive and loading up

    This is a question for a friend her son has an xbox and it freezes up while loading the game and they got a usb drive hard drive and the xbox one feezes up while transfering the game saves to the usb drive what can be weong with the xbox is it broke ?. Should they send it back and get a new one
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    Question about 360 verison of destiny can u play it on xbox one

    Im asking this for a friend can u play 360 verison of destiny on xbox one ??
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    How to reset ps4 to factory

    Hello all i just pluged in my ps4 after 2 years lol,I put my game saves on usb stick How do wipe the hard to make it new like out of the box ?? And will i hurt my ps 4
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    My PS3 slim turned it self on and off

    i was takeing a nap on the couch today i heard a noise i open my eyes and i see the slim bootin up and then shuting down afte 2 mins has this happend to any body else?/ iam useing my ps3 slim cause rocksmith dont work nice with ps4 to much lag
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    Which cod ghosts map pack should I get

    Iam thinking of geting a ghost map pack should I get the newer one or is the frist one better.
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    Question about my friends ps4

    My friend can't sign in to psn.he can watch movie but no psn no store he is always geting errors is his ps4 boned
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    question about cod ghosts game resume

    my little nephew has about 4 hours in to this game we saved the game when he went home, he came over and the frist thing was locked game resume does he have to start over??