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    The Game Awards 2016

    Event is tonight and starts at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST/1:30AM GMT Ways to watch are below:
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    Official Mass Effect: Andromeda Thread

    Just over a month till N7 day 2016 when we will receive much more information about Mass Effect: Andromeda. This is what we know so far:
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    The Official Gears Of War 4 Thread

    For some reason we don't seem to have a Gears of war 4 thread, so I'm making this one. Game released on the 11th (7th for those that preordered the ultimate edition) There will be a livestream tomorrow at 3PM PST/6PM EST/10PM GMT.
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    Official September 7th Playstation Event Thread

    Surprisingly we didn't have a thread for this event yet. Times: 12:00pm Pacific/3:00pm...
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    Playstation Plus Annual Fee Increase Going up by $10 per year. Surprised nobody posted this yet.
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    PS4 Slim Revealed Looks a bit too cheap/bland compared to the original design.
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    Xbox One Elite Bundle / Lunar White Controller Elite bundle: 1TB X1 (solid state hybrid hard drive) (20% faster boot from energy saving mode) $150 Elite controller For $499. Lunar White Controller - $64.99 Has improved grip...
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    XBOX @ Gamescom

    Video of the press conference: Summary of announcements:
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    Official Square Enix @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    livestream links:
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    Official Ubisoft @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    livestream links:
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    Official EA @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    livestream links:
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    Official Bethesda @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    Livestream links:
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    Official Nintendo @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    livestream links:
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    Official Microsoft @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    The Xbox E3 2015 Briefing will take place Monday, June 15, beginning at 12:30p ET/9:30a PT. You can watch the live stream of the Xbox E3 2015 Briefing on, via the Xbox Live Events Player, on Xbox One or Xbox 360 consoles and on Windows Phone globally. You can also watch the Xbox E3 2015...
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    Official Sony @ E3 2015/ Press Conference Thread

    PSU livestream link:
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    The Official Halo 5 Thread

    Seems like it was time to make a single thread for the game. The release date is October 27, 2015. Official website: huntthetruth website:
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    Oddworld creator: Ex-Sony exec “put half the dev community out of business”

    Saw this article on ars and thought it was worth posting. Thoughts?
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    Meanwhile in New Zealand We have here what is quite possibly the dumbest couple in the country. Darwin was cheated out of an award that night.
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    Destiny Classes

    So which class will you select in the beta/final game? From what I've read so far this is the order of class appeal to me. 1 Warlock 2 Titan 3 Hunter
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    Official Ubisoft @ E3 2014/Press Conference Thread

    Monday, June 9 3 PM PST 6 PM EST 10 PM GMT 11 PM BST gamespot: IGN: gametrailers: Polygon: Ars...