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    Ageia's SDK enables Amazing PS3 Content This going to make for some great looking games for the PS3. I cant wait to see what these games are going to look like and what they can do.
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    Command & Conquer: The First Decade

    Anyone else a fan of this series? If you are I would pick this game up. It has the first 12 games for only $40. I think one of the best things about it is you can now play the first one on an xp system. The first one was most likely on of the best RTS games ever made.
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    Quad SLI Dell XPS Renegade

    Thats just sick. Four GPU's. This is going to cost a sick amount of money, but should be able to pull off amazing graphics.
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    Ripping your dvd's to your iPod video

    Anyone know how to do this? Im using Super DVD to iPod Converter but I keep getting errors. Can anyone help me out?
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    480p and ps2(updated w/games that support 480p)

    Anyone know how to turn progressive scan mode on, on the ps2? Supposedly for most EA games you have to Hold down X and Triangle. This isnt working for me. Can anyone help me out? Games that support 480p ATV Offroad Fury 2 Baldu Force EXE Beyond Good and Evil Burnout 2: Point of...
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    1080i vs 720p

    For people with High-def TV's, when watching TV or DVD's, what gives you better picture quality? 1080i or 720p?
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    Finally got the new TV(pics)

    I was trying to decide between the samsung dlp and the sony 3LCD. I ended up with the sony. playing madden on ps3forums w/TV connected to computer. Call of Duty 2 Loading from computer. Playing call of duty with resolution set to 1280x720. Also, cables a very exspensive...
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    DLP vs. 3LCD

    I finally convinced my parents to upgrade to the HDTV world, and theyre letting me find them the right TV. I Have narrowed it down to a couple TV's. I am either going to go with a Samsung DLP or a Sony Wega 3LCD TV. What is everyones thoughts on these two Technologies...
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    Cost questions dog Blu-ray DVD's lead

    You think this might raise the price of ps3 games?
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    Do you think the Cell will ever go into PC's

    Do you guys think the Cell will ever be incorparated into PC's, and rival AMD and Intel?
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    New Cell Phone

    Guys help me out, Im getting rid of my nextel and going with a new phone from cingular. Its either going to be the Razr or the Rokr. rokr razr black
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    Ageia sets the record straight

    PC gaming in the future is going to be expensive. Seems like your going to need a high-end gfx card, dual core processor, and a physics card to get the most out of games.
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    Call of Duty 2

    Anyone get it yet? I just picked it up yesterday but havent really got into yet. This game has a massive install, 6 discs. I fooled around with some multiplayer, and Im going to get in the single player today. The graphics on this game are nice though.
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    Paper view technology,14173,1591602,00.html Thats pretty cool technology. I would like to see magaines with that in it, especailly gaming magazines. Instead of still pictures, you could use this tech.
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    Call of Duty 2 Single Player Demo

    Anyone else play it yet. I just played it, first level is very action intensive. Going to be a very good game.
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    I know alot of you on this forum are not of age. But anyone here of age that likes wine? I work in a restaurant that is on the level of fine dining so they expect you to know alot about wine. I always here people say that wine is for older people, but im 22 and ive come to enjoy wine alot. I...
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    NFL power rankings

    They are finally here. These are rankings taken from four different souces.,, yahoo sports, and fox sports. I usually like sportsline for power rankings but this one is bad. The Steelers should be lower than three with there injuries at running...
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    Anyone know anyplace to buy good hiphop mixtapes. I just bought to cd's off of I bought Pudgee-P-Ransom Note 2( and Dj Envy- Purple Codiene...
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    Best P2P filesharing program

    What would everyone consider the best P2P program that isnt full of spyware and stuff like that. I know Morphous and kazaa are both full of spyware.
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    Optimus keyboard

    Check it this keyboard. The keys change to whatever you maybe using. For Photoshop For Quake I would buy this. All the keys are controlled by LED's.