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  1. Shadow

    I don't understand. WTF??

    Alright guys this is not a big problem here, my friend on xboxlive and from my old school has one of the best servers i think. Am not sure how to put this but just stuck with me on this, am not a technology person just a mechanic. Anyway my cousin has one of the best computer technology things...
  2. Shadow

    I need a 1152x864 wallpaper, any offers.

    Alright guys i have been here for a while, some of you know me some of you don't. I know i don't have much to give but here's a deal i can make. If anyone can make these two wallpapers as one 1152x864 wallpaper i will give you all the points i have and make until the end of this month...
  3. Shadow

    Need to transfer data.

    Hey guys am about to run out of space on my old 360 hard drive and am about to get the 120 gb drive. I just want to know how to transfer the data to the new in advanced so i don't have to wait later on to ask you guys when i want to play my 360.
  4. Shadow

    Post a picture of your faorite game character (56k of VG favorite fury)

    I thought people might aswell share who their favorite game character is, maybe we can judge and bash each other and say their character is wack compared to who ever. Here's mine
  5. Shadow

    Will PS3 come with something free?

    Hey the 360 came with 3 months free of online play will the PS3 comes with something free and i don't mean a game or controller(maybe an extra one is cool though.
  6. Shadow

    6 hours left, be there or be square.

    So the word and the truth is if you're not online for the PS3 since yesterday you are not going to get a PS3. You will be able to get it online for double the price though. Also i can tell if you're reading this or online and at home you're deffinately ain't getting a PS3 today.
  7. Shadow

    Japan 20gb price cut, why not us?

    Hey i was won dering why is Japan getting a price drop on their 20GB ps3, so why isn't North America? If anyone has a good opinion or a true fact please post here so i can understand.
  8. Shadow

    What video are you watching?

    This is kind of like what are you thinking or what song are you listening to, but instead it's a video. And if you can post it here to show everyone it will be real nice. Here's what two videos i was just watching,
  9. Shadow

    Ps3 commercials, weird or what.

    Is the PS3 commercilas wierd, because to me they make sense but to others they are like WTF?!?! Here take a look at them.
  10. Shadow

    PS2 VS PS3 NBA07 comarison

    If you can't see it that well am sorry i can't change it. Alot of difference in the two as you may see, if not you're super blind and needs an eye specialist.
  11. Shadow

    Who's getting game before PS3?

    I juts wanted to know who here is going to get games before they recieve the PS3? I am because am getting it JAN 6 on my B-Day.
  12. Shadow

    NFL Street 3

    Street NFL3 is back here's some gametrailers and screens. Here's a trailer. javascript: popUpGameMovieSection('SLUS-21482', 'Trailer'); Here's screens. Am not sure if these links are working because my computer is acting...
  13. Shadow

    PS# manual is available for those of you who want alittle jumpstart It's online, take a quick look at all the things you can do with the PS3.
  14. Shadow

    What do you think will be a better online game for ps3?

    So i like playing online because the people in my house besides my brother don't play games. I juts wanted to know if i wanted a good online game which ones should i get?
  15. Shadow

    Shadow's NFS: Carbon official thread.

    This is going to be my Carbon official thread considering the fact that i know most of the facts about it, here goes. So in Carbon there will be some cool features and stuff like that. There will be typr of cars Muscle, Tuner, and Exotic(sort of like Midnight Club 3). When you pick your type...
  16. Shadow

    ESRB, is it neccesary?

    My brother has nothing but M rated games, my mother says he's not supposed to have it because it's too mature for a 14 year old. I keep telling her the kid has a stack of porn which he steals from out father everytime he goes there. So i just wanted to know what would you rather him have...
  17. Shadow

    PSM info topic.

    This is for people who recieve a PSM and can tell other people who don't get a psm info and updates. I decided to post it because most people want to know what's really happeing and they are not going to get the full details online. So i will post somethings i heard from PSM in this part of...
  18. Shadow

    Why so much people now?

    How come there was so much people on this forum for the last two weeks? I couldn't get on the server for days and when i did i got kicked out. Did something big happened on this forum that so much people were here?
  19. Shadow

    Just wanted to know...

    Hey is there any new news about online gaming?
  20. Shadow

    Your favorite quotes...

    Well this is for the cool lines that you hear in games, movies, music and even your house. Just write it here. Mine is "there are those who say this day will never come...what are they to say now."-From Halo2 "You're a sexy guy"-that was from a girl i met on the train.