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    UT3 Help

    Man, the bots are **** stupid on warfare mode on UT3. And because of that I can't complete this one mission. Anyone want to help me through coop to complete the mission? I cant get on at the moment, but if you add me, I can tell you when I'm ready. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help.
  2. J

    A Pre-E3 Idea

    Maybe it wouldnt be bad, for the sake of moderation, to limit who can make topics to just the mods, or some of the higher ranked members. We all know people are going to get news late, and post it 99 1/2 times, so maybe for the sake of clutter reduction you could do that, yeah? If this...
  3. J

    Some Great Oblivion Mods

    Heres some great mods for oblivion Ive found throughout my travels, and I though you guys should check these out, they are pretty sweet :P Francesco's Leveled creatures/items mod This one adds a BUNCH of armors, weapons, and enemies. Images- Depth of Field Pretty self-explanatory Images-...
  4. J

    Guide To Setting up full resolution MJPEG

    I saw the thread where they were discussing its possiblity, but I thought I would post the guide to getting it all set up. sorry if its been posted and I missed it
  5. J

    PS3 Media Playing?

    this is just a real quick question, and i dont know where i should have posted it, so bear with me here. has it been said as to what codecs PS3 will use for video playing off the hard drive. using quicktime formats, WMV, or a seperate codec entirely? if it hasnt been announced, then this...
  6. J

    Elder Scrolls 4 Discussion Thread

    anyone else get oblivion yet? planning to? i just got this game (on my friends dime ;)) and its really great. the graphics are super nice in motion. the combat is great, it leaves you wanting more fights, each kill is satisfying. with many different kinds of attack, it keeps you on your toes...
  7. J

    Halo Mod Project

    tell me what you think. its a few different, very simple mods for halo. it runs bad sometimes, but thats what happens when your running halo at highest graphics on 1024x768, and recording at that res at the same time. this badboy got me an A in computer class, so enjoy 8) (it has music...
  8. J

    Sony Confirms Live Type Service

    sorry if this has been posted, i didnt see it though ;) Gameshout
  9. J

    PS3 February Event? (not an article)

    i heard a while back that there will be a febuary event for PS3. can someone tell me if thats true, or perhaps point me in the direction of a link, then this can be locked. thanks :)
  10. J

    Launch, what would you rather have?

    what would you rather have for launch? would you rather have it launch early, and go minimalist with launch titles or would you want them to wait until they have the big games like MGS4, GT5, all those big name games? or somewhere in between? i personally would like to see it launch...
  11. J

    Can we expect something from sony?

    can we excpect an announcement of some sort from sony to help draw attention from the 360? i know sony wants to (for lack of a better word) sabbotage the 360 launch. do you think they could make some announcement some time around the 22nd? i really dont know what it would be, but it would be...
  12. J

    Has anyone played xbox360 at walmart yet?

    who else has played xbox360 yet? well, i went down to walmart the other day and had the chance to play it. overall, i was a bit more impressed than i thought i would be. the graphics were crisp, and clean, almost no jaggies. the HD does wonders 8) the controller was a little funky, the...
  13. J

    My theory on little PS3 info

    its getting closer and closer to the japanese lauch, if it does launch in spring. but comming so close, we have still heard very little on ps3 and its games, and its driving me nuts! but i think i may know why, or at least, it could be a good reason why. i think they may be holding out until...
  14. J

    Rogue Galaxy

    this game looks so awesome, i cant wait. made by level 5, produced by sony
  15. J

    PS3 Specs in depth

    maybe for the ps3 specs, you can go a little more in-depth. like shader ops/s, poly/s, different stuff like that? just an idea :)
  16. J

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  17. J

    What features do you want

    on the PS3 i was wondering, what type of special features do u think it will have? what would you like to have? id like to see wireless LAN, some sort of media center (MP3s, MP4s [or other movie files]). it also like to see backward compatibility with PSP (very unlikey, but would be cool). id...
  18. J

    Linux on PS2

    i was wondering if anyone new where i can get linux for ps2, i dont want a kit cuz i got everything already, but a download or a purchase of a stand-alone would be nice, thanks
  19. J

    Ps3 games

    does anyone know any comfirmed games that are to come out for the ps3?