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    Eurogamer spills the beans on 360.

    Tons of info from this source, some new, some old. Enjoy.
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    PS3 has keyboard/mouse support.

    This seemed like a given, but it's nice to have confirmed anyway. Source
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    Jack Niida says Nippon Ichi may be 360 bound next gen.

    (Bolding not mine) Read the rest here] Funny that he didn't mention PS3 in his next gen plans, and then straight away goes on to praise Sony, maybe PS3 is a given and Nippon is going multi-format?
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    Kameo Boxart?

    Remind anybody else of the Fable boxart? Quite nice though.
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    Some details on the devkits.

    Click here, it's a bit too big to C+P Makes some details about the PS3 evaluation kit's clearer, eg: 7800GTX confirmed as the GPU, lower bandwidth, Cell/RSX communicating through south bridge as opposed to directly (so no CELL assisted graphics in the first gen games.) It's a babelfish...
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    More PS3 exclusives?

    Apparently EGM's rumour column is reporting that PS3 exclusives are in the works by 3 of the biggest PC developers, none other than Valve, id Software and Bioware! According to EGM, these companies will be developing titles for 360 also (PC ports perhaps?) Could anybody with a copy of the...
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    Grandia 3 to hit Japan in less than two weeks.

    Grandia 3 at The great big RPG hurrah for PS2 before FFXII, and gorgeous looking, set to release in japan on the 4th of next month. The disapointment is that there is absolutely no word on a release in the west, so I'll be brushing up on my japanese.
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    New Miyamoto tidbits.

    From EGM (via Eurogamer forums :wink:)
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    B3D axes console talk!

    If nobody else has noticed yet, Beyond 3D have killed thier console talk forum, THE resource for technical information and discussion on consoles on the web, you just have to look at the number of threads or links on this these boards derived from B3D to see what a darned shame this is.
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    Radiata Stories comes to America.

    Squenix's non-linear, fairies vs humans RPG strategy battle thingy is set to drop in NA on 6th September. Eurogamer Europe and Australalia looks like a fairly firm "nay-nay" at this point. Swines.
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    Some Konami Games exclusive for X360?

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    PS3 European strategy undecided.

    Courtesy of Eurogamer Worlwide launch would be lovely don't you think? But I'm sceptical, like I've said elsewhere, Sony's attitude to Europe stinks. :(
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    Any Smashing Pumpkins fan's here?

    Billy want's his band back Basically, ex-Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is planning to reform his old band. I guess this isn't exactly the usual stuff for a games discussion board, butI thought I'd spread the word, since I'm a massive Smashing Pumpkins fan. Anyhoo, good luck Billy, I don't...
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    About embedded DRAM?

    I've been browsing Beyond3d over the last couple of day's and got myself confused as to what possible disadvantages PS3 may be liable to in comparison to X360 concerning it's lack, at this stage, of EDRAM in the GSX. Quite honestly, a lot of the techie talk flies completely over the top of my...