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    Philips to release world's first Cinema 21:9 LCD TV

    Source#1 ~ Source#2 ~ Demo ~ 21:9 Video I did a little bit of research on this, and it's release is due around June of this year, and will cost around £3,500 to £4,000. Even though this is very expensive, it would be very cool to own one! (As long as the PQ...
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    Sony Launch 11" Obscene OLED TV

    source ~ Damn....
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    Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown ~ launch date announced!

    source ~ source ~
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    TiVo coming to Blu-ray player near you?

    source ~ Interesting, but I would still prefer to have a Blu-ray recorder built-in than just a player. :rolleyes:
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    Sony launches new Networked Blu-ray players!

    BDP-S360 7.1-channel Standalone Blu-ray player. BDP-S560 7.1-channel standalone Blu-ray player with integrated 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. Source #1 Source #2 Source #3
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    1080p/24fps + 24p Real Cinema

    I'm just about to upgrade my TV to a new Panasonic 50" HD Plasma, which now incorporates the new "24p Real Cinema" feature. I saw it set up on display in the store I am buying it from, and it is amazing! It totally changes the look and feel of a movie ~ I definitely recommend having a look at a...
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    Biggest PS3 Release Title In 2008?

    What do you think will be the biggest release Title in 2008?
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    Toshiba to post One Billion US in HD DVD losses

    source I knew it was going to be a lot of money, but DAMN!!
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    Universal Studios HD DVD Fire Sale has started!

    Rumours were flying around the internet over the last few days that Universal Studios were about to dump the retail prices for their HD DVD titles, however no "official" word was announced... until today! AMAZON's prices are varying from US$11.95 for singles, and US$16.95 for the Combo titles...
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    10% Off Amazon HD Movies Still Active!

    I've just noticed that AMAZON are still giving the 10% discount to qualifing customers who purchase Blu-ray & HD DVD movies, even though this offer was supposed to finish at the end of 2007. For those who don't know what this is, click here to read the offer from the end of 2006. Basically, if...
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    Who is your favourite Blu-ray movie studio?

    Which Blu-ray movie studio do you like the best, and why?
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    Why the price difference??

    I've been wondering this for a while... Isn't it strange that some Blu-ray titles that have been rated by experts to have some of the best picture quality you can find (eg. Corpse Bride, Black Hawk Down, The Fifth Element {Remastered}, Black Snake Moan) can all be picked up for less than $20...
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    The knockout punch?

    Blu-ray was certainly gaining momentum up until a couple of week ago when Paramount decided to make a business decision and to support HD-DVD exclusively. Perhaps to Sony's credit, they haven't reacted with knee-jerk reaction to Paramount's move, but I can't help wondering if they have an Ace...
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    PlayStation 3 boosts Blu-ray in Australia

    source ~,24897,22200651-15306,00.html
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    HD-DVD getting desperate in Australia!

    One of Australia's leading video retailers, EZYDVD, is now offering a "special" for a Toshiba HD-E1KY HD-DVD player for AUS$979, including your choice of 8x HD-DVD movies. Not a bad deal (if the player wasn't so over-priced... it doesn't even play in...
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    Blu-ray & HD-DVD living together?

    Ok. We have all seen the sales numbers of HD movies being sold ~ Blu-ray outselling HD-DVD by around 3:1. However, what if these numbers stay the same for the foreseeable future (2-3 years) ~ hypothetically, could it be possible that both formats could survive together?? If HD-DVD movie sales...
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    Some friendly advice for our U.S. & European friends!

    Hey guys! :p I thought it appropriate to create a thread to help remind all PS3 owners about the storage of their consoles, particularly those who are about to enter into the summer months ahead. Here is Australia, we have just been through a very hot summer ~ regular days above 38°c...
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    Cleaning the Blu-ray Laser ~ what's best?

    DVD Player manufacturer's highly recommend cleaning the Laser Lens approximately every 20 hours of use (more often in hot climates). Most people with a PS3 would probably use their console for more than that in just one week! I have a very good quality Lens cleaner that I use on my DVD player...