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    This Forum Website Is Being Falsely Accused Of Attack Site??

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but for the last week or two, whenever I try to go to this forum, I get a message saying that this is a known attack site. I'm uncertain as to why or how to get rid of the notice because I've been here for a few years now and never had any kind of issues with...
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    ps3 freezes on Competitive online?

    single player run's flawless. co-op (adventure/arena/hunter arena) run's perfect. competitive (team deathmatch/plunder/etc) freezes every time. I have no idea why either!
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    Im not sure about you guys but my dualshock 3 isn't rumbling? I don't even see a setting in the settings menu to turn it on or off... Am I missing something here?
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    The New GoW3 VP commerical

    Thought it was pretty funny! Was wondering how they were gonna do it for God of War 3! YouTube- God of War 3 US Dear Playstation Commercial HD
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    Slow Connection Speeds after PSN Bug

    Hey all, My ps3 was affected by the PSN/Calender bug. And now that its back up and running. I try to play some multiplayer games and its so laggy. I went to check my internet connection and it was 768kbs to 1.1mbs where as it was before the bug it was 7.1mbs~ [This is a wireless connection] so...
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    [Strong Launguage] Sony - Tech Trends!

    Hillarious Youtube video reguarding Sony haha but be warned its very very offensive with language! Sorry if this is in the wrong area but atleast people will get to see it this way :lol::lol:
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    A Funny Video of U2AT

    YouTube - Village Thieves It was quite funny when i saw it haha :lol::lol: what you all think?
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    [Quick Question] Madden 08 -PS3-

    When me and my bro is playing each other we somehow can't find a way to have 2 profiles loaded at once [ we are facing each other ] It seems like it hasn't work for me Fight Night Round 3 either (which was an old game so i didn't complain so much). So my question is, Is there away to have a...
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    Dual Shock 3 = Dual Shock 2 + Tilt

    SOURCE = SO it would seem that it has no new technology called 'touchsense' but the same old one. Which to me kinda sucks, because the touchsense rumble seemed to be pretty badass. It could be them just saying no at the moment, then when they...
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    Remake of FFXII - with jobs?

    Im not sure if this has been posted or not but if so, im sorry, but just wanted to let you guys know... Source :
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    Blu-Ray to support "all filmmakers"

    This time Sony isn't going the way of the Betamax and be antiporn, they support who ever uses it. source =
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    UFC 2009 [godly looking]

    I was going around and came across this UFC game and it looks really good, supposdly its gameplay... i dont believe there is any other topics on this if there is then im sorry
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    E3 MSG4 Trailer exclusive to PSN tomorrow

    I came across this and thought it was some great news for us :D... [CENTER] source:
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    SSB Alternatives?

    I was thinking how coming there isn't more games like Super Smash Bros, because its a pretty fun game... because when GTA came out everyone one decided to try and do that, but why havn't they tried to mimic SSB
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    "First Real Look @ SSF2T HD Remix"

    I was searching kotaku and came across this... if its been posted please lock XD Source: If you can't see the picture here it is...
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    1.80 Help

    Hey guys, ever since the 1.80 update my ps3's online has been tripping, [the update didn't trip while downloading/installing so its not that i believe] i was playing Calling All Cars and in mid game i got this error code (can't remember what it was because it disappeared to fast) and it...
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    Playstation HOME in-game VIDS! (MODS LOCK PLZ)

    Yeah i was just searching around the random gaming sites and i came across this and i just gotta say hella tight! :) (if been posted already thenock it or move to correct place if needed) source:
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    Kingdom Hearts III (PS3 Exlcusive?)

    If this isn't new or has been posted please lock the topic.... i found this on gameFaqs, and wanted to share the info with ou guys :mrgreen: which leads me to believe that it will stay a PlayStation Exclusive?
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    Fight Night Round 3

    If this is in the wrong section then please move it and im sorry. Well... Me and my friend each made a career created boxer and we are both in the professional part of the game and when we try to go face each other, we can only have 1 "profile/saved game" loaded which doesn't let us use both...
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    New SpiderMan 3 Screenshots *56k Safe*

    Here are some new screenshots.... if they are old then delete this topic...