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  1. Scheller

    What's up with this Destiny ad on my main screen?

    I don't have Destiny and have never played it. It showed up on the list of stuff to play and when I hover over it a Download option shows up as if it were a free game (like the PS+ games do in the Games Library) but when I select it the only option is to buy it. I've never seen this happen...
  2. Scheller

    Mafia III Announced

    Full reveal coming August 5th at Gamescon (source). Can't wait for this, loved Mafia II and hope this one improves on that one.
  3. Scheller

    I just realized how truly terrible the cloud storage size is.

    Just between two games, FIFA 15 and GTA:V, I'm using over 60% of my cloud storage for the PS4. That really shows just how bad that 1GB storage really is, especially when you're paying for it. Google gives me 17GB, 15GB for OneDrive and Flickr gives me 1TB. All free services.
  4. Scheller

    [OT] Hitman

    So Kotaku did a write-up today based on kind of hands-on experience and figured I'd post here and create the OT for the game. Source Admittedly I'm a bit unsure about pre-ordering or buying at launch because of the whole "we're launching the game incomplete and digital only" is a bit...
  5. Scheller

    Photos not fully showing?

    Is it just me having this problem? Clicking to resize the smaller posted picture isn't working like it used to, it's mostly cut off. Here's a test image: Like the picture above, when I posted it and resized it to see the full image expanded it showed like this: Using Chrome and...
  6. Scheller

    Finally saw Family Guy without Brian...

    I recall hearing about them killing him, didn't know they went with that story for more than one episode. Watching the episode now on Adult Swim with Vinny (and Peter/Quagmire singing). Went about looking it up online and thought it was hilarious how pissed off people were. Good job trolling...
  7. Scheller

    OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers

    Ugh, really hope Microsoft goes back to their 8/8.1 ways. It's not difficult to imagine Microsoft doing incentives for OEMs willing to lock secure boot, or the OEMs themselves...
  8. Scheller

    Windows 10; free for everyone, even pirates, out this summer Big news, looks like Microsoft wants to make sure everyone is on board for the new...
  9. Scheller

    Anyone in the market for a new CPU?

    I was going through some old PC stuff I had stored up. Think these might be able to run Crysis? Another photo in tags. Intel didn't make that one easy to photograph. The speed on each is 400-450MHz. I actually have a mobo for each one, but really not tempted enough to see how they work.
  10. Scheller

    Is there a way to change my name color?

    I bought the user name style change and the preview shows as black instead of the gold, so I was hoping that's what it would be. I can live with gold, but was really hoping to get something like this: As for now, it looks like fire Mario from the first Mario Bros. Would have posted this in...
  11. Scheller

    Put together my first AMD build with an 8320...

    I underestimated how loud that fan is. Holy cow. I put it together for a friend and we decided instead of ordering an aftermarket cooler with the rest of the build to see how the stock fan performed. Since no OC was planned we thought it would be fine. I mean, we only really saw stuff about the...
  12. Scheller

    Assassin's Creed: Rogue trailers showing naval and land gameplay

    For those of you interested, these were just uploaded. Looks like UI will remain unchanged from Black Flag with some gameplay additions carrying over from multiplayer (like the circle showing target direction). Assassin’s Creed Rogue Arctic Naval Gameplay Walkthrough...
  13. Scheller

    Assassin's Creed: Unity Map Revealed

    So on Reddit/GAF this was posted. Looks pretty good and it's apparently around 50% bigger than the AC:III Frontier and over 3x bigger than all playable land in Black Flag. For comparison, someone else posted a map of Paris around the same time. Pretty amazing looking, especially when I...
  14. Scheller

    GTA:V Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC This Fall

    Title and picture says it all. Can't wait to see more videos and screenshots from PS4 and especially PC. What they showed looked amazing and that traffic density shown would be amazing.
  15. Scheller

    TitanFall 2 Coming to PS4 and Xbox One - Report It makes sense as I don't believe it was close to meeting sales expectations as an exclusive and also we had the reports a month or so ago about it seen running on PS4.
  16. Scheller

    GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special Didn't see this anywhere on the Online loading screens so not sure how many know about it. Going to make sure I get online that day to grab the clothing.
  17. Scheller

    Assassin's Creed 4 Thoughts?

    Anyone here have this game and have given it extended playtime? After III I'm extremely hesitant to get the game. That game is to bugs and glitches what the ocean is to water. I also don't want to listen to their promises of patches fixing issues, such as they lied about with their day one...
  18. Scheller

    The Picture Game

    Alright, so here's a game for us. Take a picture of somewhere in the world and others will need to find it by posting their own picture of the place. I'll start it off with something fairly easy, everyone who played singleplayer should have been there. We don't need a single mystery...
  19. Scheller

    GTA: Online Gang Attack Map

    Updated April 2nd, 2015 Thanks to MrCostari I was informed of some changes/removals and have since updated the map and location list. I will be working to check other locations to see if any were added, but until then the description list will only show the location and the time the gang attack...
  20. Scheller

    Replaying Missions

    Is anyone else as annoyed as I am with this? I don't know why R* didn't add the ability to simply restart the entire mission rather than checkpoints, since if you re-load from the checkpoint on a majority of the missions, gold is impossible to achieve. So instead, you have to kill yourself and...