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    My 2 dualshock 4s have same fault in left analog

    Noticed yesterday the rubber on the right hand side of left analog stick has a 1cm split in it, and then today I looked at my other controller and it has the same thing! Very poor quality materials much be used here if it only lasts a month. I can feel the rubber give way now each time im play...
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    Early january ps4 update

    I remember reading couple weeks ago somewhere it was due 3rd jan this update but cant seem to find any more info last couple of days. Its the update to fix pulse headsets and bluetooth. Does anyone know if this firmware update will include DLNA support also so we can stream our media library to...
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    Sony Store Uk really let me down, what should I do?

    Just got off the phone to sony store uk who I have a ps4 pre-ordered with since 3rd July. I have paid £8 extra for express delivery on 29th. They told me as Im not a mainland uk resident (I live in northern ireland still part of the UK) that it will be monday or tuesday before I get my ps4. He...
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    Whats your day 1 plan for ps4?

    What games, accessories etc are you guys getting day 1? Im counting down the days, cannot wait. Here is my plan. I pre ordered direct from sony store uk, and paid for before 12pm delivery, so hopefully will have it on the 29th nov. I havnt any ps4 games pre ordered, I plan on paying the £10 to...
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    GTA V delivered 3 days early with

    They delivered it 3 days early, was amazed. But various ones on my psn friends list been saying I could get banned for playing it. I dont see why as its not my fault I got the game early. Btw its brilliant, graphics are not blurry anymore and cars handle better. Just played about 5 hours of it...
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    Best ps4 game prices (UK, USA or anywhere share your price here)

    If you find good deal on a game share it here. Best I can see in UK at the minute is, on a range of games. They do ps4 fifa 14 for £42.00...
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    Eurogamer article:- Everything we know so far about ps4

    After months of leaks and industry speculation, Sony will tonight unveil its next generation games machine. The PlayStation maker has called the world's media to an exclusive pow-wow in New York and we'll report live from the event from 11pm UK time. To fill the hours until then, we've put...
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    Is your k/d ratio down on black ops 2?

    I have a 1.88 on mw3, on black ops 2 im at 1.59 atm, around 1500 kills. Nothing spectacular, but was wondering was everyone elses down on other games or went up?
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi)

    Guess what im asking is how far you can get from your router without it cutting out? When weathers good would b nice lie out in garden but not sure if it'll work there. Im going test it later but would like others results. Ive a wireless n router, i see vita is n 1x1 whatever that is. Ill put up...
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    Vita Party chat problems, help needed

    Im nat 2 on settings but for some reason voice chat wont work with 1 of my friends but he can hear rest in room and I can hear them. Any ideas? We connect to everything no problem on ps3.
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    Ps3 & Homeplugs (powerline)

    Would like to hear from anyone who uses homeplugs. What speeds they get downloading on ps store etc. Im currently wireless and can only get about 6-10mb when I hav a 20mb fibre optic connection. I cant use ethernet as im too far from router, so have ordered a pair of newlink 200mbps homeplugs on...
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    Connection to playstation network timed out

    Have power cycled the modem and router and still cant get online on playstation network. Just says connection to playstation network timed out. Any ideas?
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    Fifa 12 Details of New Online modes

    FIFA 12 Online Game Modes Posted: 01 Sep 2011 03:11 PM PDT Article by FIFA 12 Producer Garreth Reeder on FIFA 12 is a massive year for online, and our goal of ‘revolutionizing’ the game has been truly realized. Let’s get started! Head to Head seasons The first big thing I want to...
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    Uncharted 3 beta OUT NOW on Hong Kong store!!

    Only available to ps+ members, so if you have a HK account created before 21st Apr you can download it now! 45% and counting.
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    Ps3 slim leaving lines/marks on disks

    My 18month old ps3 has started doing this, i get an error message regular now on black ops and once i clean the marks off it works ok. And on Fifa the commentary is missing at times. Again after cleaning the disk the commentary returns. Its like theres something inside the unit getting onto...
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    Your best lap time with a zonda on monza (chicane)?

    Hi, Im mainly creating this as theres no leaderboards yet and I want to see how I compare (see how crap i am lol). I just got a Driving force GT yesterday (my first wheel!!) and my lap times have improved about 4seconds from the ds3, dont know if thats me getting better at the game or the wheel...
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    Wont let me buy new maps?

    It says my 2 credit cards are invalid which is nonsense as I use them for all my online purchases. I rang up and lines are busy so checked the official forum and theres lots of people with same problem. Fail by sony uk.
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    Bthomehub v1.5, PS3 in DMZ yet getting Nat type 3?

    I decided put my ps3 into the dmz today but before I was getting Nat type 2 by just forwarding the ports etc but you'd think a dmz would be more open yet its 3. I followed a guide on google, Is anyone out there got a bthomehub and has there ps3 in a dmz? Was fifa there and the connections...
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    Sony UK and there stance on the Sale of Goods Act

    I recently had a 60gb refurb ps3 die on me and on ringing sony, they said I would have to pay £131 for a replacement. I said no way am I paying that saying the last refurb only lasted 1 year. So I angrily put the phone down and went out and bought a Ps3 slim. Hoping I get more than a year out of...
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    Cooling fans any good?

    I have a 60gb ps3 which im getting fixed for overheating (Flashing red lights) 2moro, should I buy one of the cooling fans out of argos, there half price. Or are they a waste of money and do more harm than good?