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    Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack PS3 Announced

    Really hope this gets localized. If it does maybe it won't take too long since it is releasing so soon in Japan. Edit: Confirmed western release.
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    [Opinion] Why used game DRM is a game of balance and chance

    There is current a war going on between consumers and publishers over used game DRM. Publishers believe the used game market is costing them billions and they want to either outright block used games or receive a cut from it. Consumers believe that either case would be too anti-consumer...
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    PS4 UK Newspaper Ad: PS4 Coming 2013

    This has to do with the first PS4 TV advertisement that will be ran during the upcoming Champions League final on May 25th.
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    CVG: No PS4 delay for Europe, Sony insider claims It is looking good for a Europe release this year for the PS4. Edit: Sorry, delete please. I missed the thread by mankind about the same thing...
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    PCMag: Sony Planning Big PS4 Reveal Before E3,2817,2417397,00.asp Could Sony be looking at getting the price, release date and/or the console reveal out of the way before E3 and focus on the games and/or features at E3(assuming the April/May event is real).
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    PS4 will play used games.

    It is something that has been discussed recently; so for those worried about it, it looks like the PS4 will play used games.
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    PSVita launching on 2/22/12 in US. Europe and more. Around where I was suspecting that it would launch in the US.
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    Time Travelers also coming to PSVita and PSP This is the Level 5 game announced at last years Level 5 Vision event(unless you count when it was called Ushiro).
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    Ninokuni to be released in North America "early 2012" I had hopes that it would get localized, but had no idea it would happen so soon. No mention of a release for PAL regions, but the PS3 being region free helps with that.
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    Armies of Hell, Ys and Lord of Apocalypse revealed for PSVita in Famitsu The Ys game appears to be a remake of Ys 4 using Ys 7's party system. Edit: It appears there are more Vita games listed in this week's Famitsu.
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    Super Monkey Ball coming to PSVita I recall for a few posts (can't remember if they were here or not) asking for the game on the PSVita. It should also be interesting with the PSVita's controls.
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    The 9 Famitsu Vita games

    Here are the 9 PSVita games Famistu teased last week. Some are new reveals. Some details about Ragnarok Odyssey. The website has a lot of scans so I probably shouldn't link it. Famitsu is also teasing "that game" reveal again for next week. Last time when they teased this "that game"...
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    Vita TGS lineup (18 unannounced Vita games at Sony's booth) It doesn't appear the Famitsu reveals(at least the first week) is apart of the 18 unannounced Vita games.
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    Ni no Kuni (PS3) Japanese Release Date Revealed I was beginning to think it would be released this year in Japan. Hopefully, and perhaps likely(?) due to the poll Level 5 had, it is localized. Perhaps it also won't take as long to localize it, now that Level 5 has their US...
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    Rumor: Disgaea 3 to be PlayStation Vita launch game Nippon Ichi, the developer for the Disgaea series, is also planning a "big announced" on August 11th at the Akihabara Denkigai Festival...
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    Digimon World Re:Digitize Images: Reminds me a lot of the first Digimon World game for some reason, which I really liked. I really hope this gets localised...
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    New Sega IP exclusively for PS Vita Nothing really about the game just that they are working on one and hope to get it out early in the PSVita's lifecycle.
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    Vision Engine Real-Time PS Vita Video

    Can't wait to see some games using this engine.
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    LBP Hands On

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought it was worth posting if it isn't. It shows off some nice use of the front and rear touch. I think this might become my favorite version of LBP with all the control options the PSVita has.
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    Rumor: NGP - Standard and 3G Model Price

    I am not sure if I can link the source, but it is easy to find with a quick google search. I don't usually take news from "insiders" serious, but thought it might at least be worth posting. Most have been expect a price of $299 to $349 for the standard model, if I was going to make up a...