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    Cargo - A zombie short film finalist

    I feel this a must see for any zombie fan. Even you aren't i would give this a watch.
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    The Avengers (Power Rangers Style!)

    I thought this was actually good and well done, so i figured i would share.
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    Kid icarus and Mario kart 7

    I have had the 3ds for a week now and i finished ocarina of time so i am going to be playing mario kart 7 and kid icarus a lot more now. Looking for people that have either game. If you do let me know and give me your friend code. Mines btw 4167-5416-8082
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    Megacon - My first convention

    Well tomorrow i will be going to my first convention(it's in florida for those who don't know) kinda of excited. I may get to meet and get a couple of autographs from people like stan lee, tom felton, brent spiner, chistopher sabat and more. Wanted to go as someone but couldn't decide and didn't...
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    bleach soul resurreccion

    I was wondering how many of you bought the game, what did you think of it and could it have been any better. I plan on getting the game one of these days so i wanted to hear some opinions on the game. From what i seen of the game it looks great and some of the complaints for the game aren't too...
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    Ar Tonelico Qoga

    Well i got the game yesterday but didn't get to play the game until today. Almost got hit with some rain on the way home from gamestop(i was riding a bike). Just passed the part where you fight Mute for the 1st time. I was cracking up when i saw her, didn't really expect for a manly looking...
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    2 day gold

    I was wondering if anyone would be kind and give me a 2 day live code if they don't need it.
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    Help Picking a Rpg

    Well i will be getting some money soon and i plan on getting a Rpg. I have picked 3 that i want to get but i can only chose 1. These are the 3 that i have in mind, 1)Ar Tonelico Qoga, 2)Atelier Rorona and 3)Hyperdimension Neptunia. I leaning more towards hyperdimension but the other 2 look good...
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    Dead Space MP Beta

    Did anyone also get the into the beta, i signed up for it and got my code yesterday. I just played one match and seems to be good, can't say much on it since i only did that one match. Going to go play more.
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    Halo3 custom games

    Anyone want to join my custom games, depending on how many people will i may do all this tomorrow it may be a bad time to do so, if anyone wants to play add this gt:JediOkamiX
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    You Choose

    Okay people me and my sister have been debating on which of our two younger siblings can get the most numbers.....My sister is outgoing and fun to hang out with and can take a joke. My brother on the other hand is a different story he complains like a pansy, a loner and thinks he is cool...
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    Final Fantasy XIII Freezes Lead To Lawsuit

    I have the game have not had this issue nor have i heard of it happening to anyone Source:
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    Xenoblade's Combat System Revealed

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    Nami Tamaki Sig and Avy Closed

    Well this is my first time asking for this so i have come to all you pro's at this to make me a sig and avy since i am not good at all making sigs and all that.(look at my current sig and you will know how awful it is,i am learning slow but i am getting somewhere at least). Well back to the...
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    Finally Beat gow3

    I finally beat it, i started the game on titan and had some struggles but i prevailed...I feel accomplished next up chaos mode. What difficulty did you start the game off
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    Perfect Dark Question

    Okay quick questions i have for those of you that bought perfect dark off the xbl is the multiplayer on live, i have not been able to try it due to not having gold no more is it active or not. Oh does anyone have a 48 trial or 1month live that they have no use for and would be...
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    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Review

    Completely forgot about this game here is the review enjoy.. Source:
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    Hitman reborn

    As i have seen a couple people with sig's and avy's with characters from hitman reborn and myself being a fan as well i figured i would see if anyone would want a hitman reborn talk thread.... If i anyone wants i can turn this one into a hitman talk thread....
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    U2 and wkc players

    Well now that the ps3 problem is solved and can finally play some games i am itching to play some u2 and wkc......I tried this is already so i figured i try it here, i looking to find some people that play either game so we can get some games going in u2 with costume games etc and wkc with...
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    Ps3 shuts off randomly

    As the title says.....i had my ps3 shut off randomly 2 times while playing it. Has this happen to anyone it is giving me a scare since if anything happens to it i won't be able to repair it until i get some money which wont be any time soon.