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    Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack PS3 Announced

    Really hope this gets localized. If it does maybe it won't take too long since it is releasing so soon in Japan. Edit: Confirmed western release.
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    [Opinion] Why used game DRM is a game of balance and chance

    There is current a war going on between consumers and publishers over used game DRM. Publishers believe the used game market is costing them billions and they want to either outright block used games or receive a cut from it. Consumers believe that either case would be too anti-consumer...
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    PS4 UK Newspaper Ad: PS4 Coming 2013

    This has to do with the first PS4 TV advertisement that will be ran during the upcoming Champions League final on May 25th.
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    Freedom Wars

    Supposedly, a new trailer for it is on Japan PSN under the 'What's New' section.
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    Freedom Wars

    I believe the trailer went up around 7pm in Japan, so maybe around the same time?
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    Freedom Wars

    I also appears SCEA is hyping the game and hasn't just about every single SCEJ title received a western release?
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    Freedom Wars

    Looks great and very promising, can't wait to see me.
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    CVG: No PS4 delay for Europe, Sony insider claims It is looking good for a Europe release this year for the PS4. Edit: Sorry, delete please. I missed the thread by mankind about the same thing...
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    PCMag: Sony Planning Big PS4 Reveal Before E3,2817,2417397,00.asp Could Sony be looking at getting the price, release date and/or the console reveal out of the way before E3 and focus on the games and/or features at E3(assuming the April/May event is real).
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    PS4 will play used games.

    It is something that has been discussed recently; so for those worried about it, it looks like the PS4 will play used games.
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    Sony Japan hosting PS Vita news broadcast tomorrow

    Overall I didn't think it was a bad broadcast. May not have been any new games announced but that showed actually footage of some games for the first time, announced some release dates and announced a decent size price drop along with some new colors and bundles(really like the Soul Sacrifice...
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    You might be able to just go to your default gateway to access your router and get its mac address. Start>Run>CMD enter "ipconfig" in the command prompt then open a folder or browser and enter your default gateway address. After finding your routers mac address enter it here...
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    I did't expect to find any in my area. So far 22 people have showed up on it and climbing.
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    Have you decided on a memory card?

    I was going to get the 32GB, but decided just to use the 8GB that comes with the launch bundle for now. I will probably eventually get the 32GB(or larger, if larger ones are released).
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    Sony should push for Infinity blade and other Mobile games

    This is what PS Suite is going to be for(cheap mobile games). There are already games around .99 to 4.99 on PSN with minis; which are basically small mobile games. I think PS Suite is going to replace the minis, which should allow for more variety(both games and apps), wider range of...
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    what should i get vita or ipad 2 or 3

    For gaming I don't think there is any question that the Vita would be better. It comes down to what you intend to use one for. Is it something that that Kindle Fire can do? If so, you can get both the PSVita and the Kindle Fire for the price of the iPad 2/3. With all of the new tablets...
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    New 3G bundle. $299, 8GB, free PSN game, 30 days fee Data.

    There is no contract. To get the free game I believe you need to buy at least one month of the 3G service($15 for the lowest-tier), but you are not stuck with a contract or anything. You can start and stop the service as you wish(by the month).
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    They would have to use separate hardware for each 3G carrier. This is one of the reasons you have to pick between Verizon and AT&T when ordering an iPad2 on Apples website. It is a lot easier for Apple to do this with the large premium they charge for their devices and it's $100 more just for...
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    PS Vita 3G data plan costs revealed, were there the whole time

    I don't believe 4G doesn't offer the type of coverage that 3G does at the time or did at the time that decided on 3G(especially worldwide). There was have also been trouble getting ATT (or many other 4G carriers) to accept a gaming devices for 4G use(they are really picky about bandwidth use)...
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    PS Vita 3G data plan costs revealed, were there the whole time

    The guy asked a store employee, who then quoted their normal pricing for 3G. This is no different than walking into a Gamestop and getting some "insider info" from a store employee. When talking to someone in any position to know either by phone or in person, he was told they do not know what...