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    I'm stumped..

    :pissed: So my PC has started acting up at the grand old age of 2 lol. Every now and again when you turn it on instead of booting up normally it loops the startup sequence over and over (basically turning on w/ fan etc, then switching off and turning itself back on again), this only happens when...
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    Chimp frog throat rape!! I have no idea what to say apart from LOL and poor frog / toad.. the chimp certainly looked like he was having the time of his life :lol:
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    Weird and random things you have seen today..

    For me.. Lemon Chicken sauce, suitable for Vegetarians :confused:
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    High alpine hikes

    So, the winter is approaching and so is my hiking time! Yay..... :dunce Anyway, I only hike in the Winter as I love the cold, but it also means taking to another country (because my crappy one doesn't have proper mountains). So, I'm asking for suggestions on any mountains (4,000 - 6,000...
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    No trophies when offline!

    So I was playing Uncharted yesterday and nabbed (what should have been) at least 3 trophies. But I never got them, only the stupid rewards. When I was living at home with my PS3 connected I never had a problem, since I moved into my apartment (without internet) well, for the consoles anyway...
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    Section 8!

    Who is getting this? (UK release tomorow) Personally, the 360 demo kinda blows but the PC beta is pretty good! Reminds me of the good ol Tribes days (many a story to tell) :snicker I won't be online for a bit (new flat, sorting out BT/ADSL stuff) but I would like a good ol PSU frag session if...
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    Sf4 pc

    So, after seeing the £14.99 tag on Steam, I snapped it up! But I'm getting some problems. I run it maxed and it doesn't drop below 60, apart from random instances of dropping to 35 or even 25! (for about 2 seconds) It happens probably twice per match and is really pee'ing me off. I've tried...
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    Batman on PC

    Right, so I was actually gonna pick this up on the 18th.. then I saw the dreaded words 'PhysX' :bang: I'm all for the PC getting the best version with all the intereactivity of objects and stuff, but not at the cost of 'only to people with Nvidia cards' So my 1GB 4870XXX couldn't possibly do...
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    Your stuff in a map

    Right, I'm basically making probably the last map for a very long time. It's a Portal map, medium size. So, instead of creating some crazy signs to add myself, I'm asking if any of you want to add any graphics to the map? The map itself is going to have references to PSU (but not in an...
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    My experiment

    So.. I decided to see what all the huff was about (The Atkins Diet). So far, it's been 5 days and I'm contemplating just going back to majority vegetarian (what I was before). So apparently you are meant to loose 1lbs per day in induction (nope) and apart from feeling like utter ***** due...
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    FF13 Import

    Is there any reputable sites that would allow import to the UK? The only one I know is but I've never used them. No way am I waiting 8 months extra for this game. I'll be doing the same for Versus too. Cheers mah deers!
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    My eyes are watering ROFL

    Crazed dog! YouTube - Dog Malfunction - Yappy Dog Extremely funny version YouTube - Dog Malfunction 2 I couldn't take a breath for almost a minuite! So funny!
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    Mini Ninjas is SO COOL!

    Just done the demo. Fantastic game! Graphics were actually pretty good and there was what looked like 2XAA, V-synced at 60fps without a drop. Nice pacing, easy controls that were quick and responsive. This is soooo a day 1 buy for me! I did kinda chuckle at some scenes too, stupid humor...
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    Exercise, what am I doing wrong..

    Right, so I want to loose a few lbs but I have no idea why I'm not.. I'm about 5 9 and weight about 12.10 ish stone (dunno lbs, probs about 180). Anyway, I eat mainly fresh Sushi (the proper stuff) and power walk to work and run up 4 flights of stairs every day and drink water and green tea...
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    Any Guitarists here?

    Since I haven't located any threads etc I thought I'd make one for all you Guitarists out there.. Truth is.. I'm getting another gear bug, I've had my current setup for over a year now and well.. the itching to buy more stuff has come. Anyone else got any musical cravings for extra stuff...
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    Battlefield 3 in development Looks like we have something to look forward to soldiers! :shock:
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    Do you think my room is a mess..

    Well, apparently, my room is filthy. I can't really see how it's messy and just think of it as organised. But after many hours of these atrocious accusations :| I've decided to ask you lot as I'll get more answers that way.
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    You know your a noob when....

    Okay here goes.. When you need to use Martydom in COD to get kills.
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    PSU main page topic This thread has been created twice within PS3Forums and has been trashed both times. Why is it suddenly suitable for it to be put up on the main page? :shock:
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    Battlefield 2142 PSU battle

    Just wondering if anyone has Battlefield 2142 who would be interested in a big PSU match at some point this weekend? Even if you suck, join up, it's just a bit of fun. Plus, I kinda accidentally deleted my profile so I'm having to start at Rank Recruit... :pale