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    What happened to Volumetric Shadow Casting?

    Volumetric shadows produce much better results, and yet they have been replaced by shadow mapping. Volumetric shadows are more scaleable without loss detail and don't have those odd pixel jaggies you currently see with shadow maps. I can understand pre-baked shadow maps being used for large...
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    Why are cell phones constantly compared to the NGP?...

    I always here these people going on about how cell phone games are apparently affected handhelds like the Vita. But the fact is that someone interested in handheld games are not exactly interested in cheap cell phone games. Not to say you can't like both, but the two are completely different...
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    Why China is Bad for the Global Economy China's economic strategy is forcefully monopolizing the production and manufacturing of the world's goods. If only China could be sued for misconduct of commerce, it would be all too pleasing...
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    All Things Unreal Engine 3

    I figured this thread could exist as well. That and I found an interesting video: That whole visual diagram thing looks very nice and actually reminds me a lot of Cryengine. The visual programming makes it much easier to just think in terms of logarithms...
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    Tales of Vesperia kind of sucks...

    Tales of Vesperia has been talked up by some as a great game. Thus I bought it to give it a try as I liked what I got put of the demo, but now I'm finding it very hard to enjoy this game for a large number of reasons. The graphics are extremely bland 95% of the time as was Blue Dragon. The...
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    Infinite Undiscovery help!

    I'm having a lot of trouble understanding the elemental damage in this game. I didn't understand it in my first playthrough, but it would be a lot less frustrating if I could understand it to better beat it on Hard. From the booklet, I learned the elements are [color="blue"]Water, Wind...
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    Top Ten Annoying VG Graphics Artifacts

    Video game graphics are designed to run fast and efficient, but that ultimately comes with artifacts, imperfects, to using such fast rendering techniques. And so I've decided to list off my personal pet peeves: 1. Texture shimmering: Something I noticed while playing Resident Evil 4 on Xbox...
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    I am so tired of good games getting bad reviews!

    I am tired of the "popular" franchises getting good reviews padded along while the truly deserving games are just thrashed for the sake of it. While the complaints about the characters is spot on as this is a cartoon, but the rest is just him...
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    All Things CRYENGINE 3

    A place of all things Cryengine 3 thus far! Because Cryengine 3 can do EVERYTHING! Latest trailer: Older stuff:
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    Developer's Fail Diary

    A Diary for poking fun at developers and the things they do and say. Crytek: Crysis 2 writer, Richard Morgan, thrashes Halo for "poor" story. It's funny bcuz he just described Crysis 2 pretty...
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    Games Superior on PC

    Making a list for those who are PC/console owners who want to know which games look and play better on PC and why. Devil May Cry 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The PC version comes with goodies for some obvious reasons. The PC version has a Legendary Dark Knight mode in which throws hordes and hordes...
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    What you want out of the Xbox 720...

    As the title describes, what do you want out of the new Xbox. One thing I'll note for myself: Multi-tasking. Multi-tasking would be one of the things I would want out of the new Xbox. The ability to play Zune music while playing a game or have a game recording App whilst playing said...
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    Inzane >>>> you!!!

    And here's why! :D I just bought this so hell yes! And yes, a new thread was needed! :p
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    Where good can I find a good standalone Xbox/PC video capture device?

    I need a good video capture for PC/Xbox so I can make good gameplay vids. Especially of my DMC skills. Any of you guys know which ones are good? And for the sake of being random: [/url][/url]
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Final Fantasy X-2

    There are a lot of resemblances. Don't you agree? Someone list off what similarities they have noticed thus far. I'll list off what I have found later. :)
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    Gears 4 for Xbox 720/PS4

    Imagine the visual improvements found in Gears 3 combined with the insane visual improvements and level of detail of Samaritan demo... It would be too insane! :D Also, don't come in and gripe "but it's Xbox exclusive" cuz that is not what this thread is about, lol.
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    An Interesting Read...
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    Inzane's sig

    Hello there! I was wondering if somebody could help me out and make me a sig with the below photo I made. Be creative and do as you see fit. Also, I like 愛と平静 added to the sig. The pic below is 1024x768; I'd like the final SIG to be 1024x376. Thank you for hearing me out!
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    Windows Phone 7 Thread

    Windows Phone 7 Thread! (bcuz it is amazing!) Got the new update Mango a while back a it is absolutely amazing! The web browser speed is also impeccably faster than the previous itineration, and the new generation of hardware is set to release with 1.4GHz vs the old 1.0GHz so I'm psyched...