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  1. Yungstar 2006

    Hellblade Xbox One X trailer.

    got to love that 4K.
  2. Yungstar 2006

  3. Yungstar 2006

    Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X: CD Talks “Highest Fidelity Version,” and More.
  4. Yungstar 2006

    Xbox One X Killer Instinct delivers the first 4K console fighting game
  5. Yungstar 2006

    The return of the Duke..... "Seamus Blackley, who spearheaded the original Xbox launched back in 2001, has been working with Microsoft to re-release the original Xbox controller. It seems as though it has now been approved...
  6. Yungstar 2006

    so far, 353 of my X1 games will be upgraded on X. how about you?

    used the tab in the "my games and apps" section to select Xone Enhanced games, pleasantly surprised to see 353 of the 520 on my HD's will get the enhancements so far. thats from 127 BC and 393 X1
  7. Yungstar 2006

    Damn, just when i thought i didn't need a day one X.
  8. Yungstar 2006

    Mega Bloks Halo | Unreleased by N-Space (2013)
  9. Yungstar 2006

    Well, just pulled the plug on PSVR. Sony get your sh*t together.

    Start rant... As fantastic as PSVR is, since getting my Pro I have been getting increasingly annoyed with having to swap hdmi cables every time I want to play the games I own in HDR. So much so that if Sony don't fix this mess in the next few weeks I shall just sell the headset because...
  10. Yungstar 2006

    Voodoo Vince HD early 2017
  11. Yungstar 2006

    N64 emu on X1. so, its a thing and it works.

    Win64e10. been using it on my X1 and while not the best, it does work. available to buy from the win10 store and then it shows up on your X1 to download and run.
  12. Yungstar 2006

    Forza Horizon to be Delisted
  13. Yungstar 2006

    Print out our #PaperPhil and help @XboxP3 get dressed for E3!
  14. Yungstar 2006

    Xbox Backwards Compatibility Officially Supports Multi-Disc
  15. Yungstar 2006

    Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One & Win10) - Definitive Edition/DLC out now.

    if you already own the original, then $5/£4 to upgrade. Dev posted on GAF - pleasantly surprised to find this versions achievements are not linked to the original. so 2000 if you've got both and are able to get those chevo's.
  16. Yungstar 2006

    pre-order DARK SOULS™ III comes with DARK SOULS 1 on BC.
  17. Yungstar 2006

    Trials HD, Sam & Max, Alan Wake’s AN & LEGO Batman now BC

    Digital downloads and both run well. :D got two Avatar Awards as soon as i started playing.
  18. Yungstar 2006

    got my PS+ 5 year sub gift in post.....

    guess it says more about my lack of using my Sony systems (PS4, PS3 and Vita) than anything else.
  19. Yungstar 2006

    Microsoft Working on Adding Xbox 360 Games to Xbox One Marketplace.. cant imagine why this was not on the store with the new dash and BC from day one.
  20. Yungstar 2006

    Huge Xbox Live Sale Begins This Month, Includes 200-Plus Offers.......