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  1. Kauldron

    Find a PS4 Kiosk Near You None in my area so far. :sad:
  2. Kauldron

    Excellent Video

    I completely agree. Every gamer should watch this. One of his serious videos. Excellent.
  3. Kauldron

    CBOAT E3 Update Sony can pretty much do three things to stop me from buying a PS4. Any one will suffice. 1. Any kind of required console check-in. 2. Required camera and usage. 3. Paywall for online play. I buy my consoles Sony, not rent them.
  4. Kauldron

    New Consoles I love this video. It really shows how far gaming has fallen. People used to be excited about new systems and their coming abilities. Now it is dread. Sad, sad, sad.....
  5. Kauldron

    Pach-Attack on the PSN Hack Attack Very good video on the PSN outage. He covers the company, consumers, developers, hackers, games, costs, etc. I agree with about 90% of what he says.
  6. Kauldron

    New Battlefield 3: Gameplay Video GDC (CAM) Unmatched. :smile:
  7. Kauldron

    Motorstorm 3's Environment Destruction is Incredible!! At first I was on the fence about the new urban environment for Motorstorm. After watching this video, I'm pretty sure it is going to be awesome. Day 1 for sure.
  8. Kauldron

    Square-Enix slashes profit outlook by 90% WOW. Not looking so good in Squareville. Will Wada's head roll? Seems to follow suit with Namco's recent announcement.
  9. Kauldron

    Tales Studio Near Bankruptcy – Tales Series Doomed? Not looking too good for the future of this franchise. I guess 360 timed exclusiveness didn't pay off at all. Shame really.
  10. Kauldron

    Critter Crunch = Awesome

    As the title says, Critter Crunch is awesome. It is a very simple pick-up and play puzzle PSN game. It has online and local multiplayer. It also has a host of other modes besides adventure. I can't believe no one is talking about this game. Now let me get to the best part. GRAPHICS...
  11. Kauldron

    Cross Edge =/=

    Anyone else having problems with this? MMOS isn't showing my Cross Edge trophy. I thought they linked directly with
  12. Kauldron

    <The King of Fighters XII > XD - The King of Fighters XII - Japanese Extended Character Trailer HD OMG!! Ralph Jones looks like the Incredible Hulk. :shock: Instant day one purchase for me. Welcome to HD, KOF! All I need now is a new Samurai Showdown exactly like this.
  13. Kauldron

    Oh No, Square My number one hobby seems to be headed for a downward spiral. With start up Devs not being able to break into the industry because of cost and established ones taking low risk...
  14. Kauldron

    Europe steps up its game Pretty damn good. I predict Europe becoming very important to game companies now. I think you guys won't get shafted so much anymore. :smile:
  15. Kauldron

    "Most important home entertainment device since the TV" The PS3 takes top honors in T3. Every man should own one. :smile:
  16. Kauldron

    Spore Developer Apologizes for Calling Wii a P.O.S.****-242822.php Very unprofessional of him to do what he did in the first place.
  17. Kauldron

    BBC spotlights the 360 Seems that the BBC has taken an interest in videogame hardware.
  18. Kauldron

    2D or not 2D

    Wouldn't it be great if some of the companies brought back some 2D fighters. Capcom and Konami have a ton of franchies they could revive. Think of a 2D fighter rendered in high definition. It would be like watching a living painting. I'm sure there are plenty of techniques that devs...
  19. Kauldron

    Capcom on DMC4

    I looked but I didn't see this posted anywhere. Capcom's comments on DMC4. Maybe this will put a stop to rumors of a multiplatform DMC4.
  20. Kauldron

    More PS3 info from PSM3 Woot!! They say it is quiet as a sleeping baby. Load times are minimal. Sorry if this has been posted, didn't see it, dated for Oct. 2.