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    Worst way to die an why?

    I'm sure a topic like this has been made but I couldn't find one. Anyway what do you guys feel is the worst way to go? I know were going to see a lot of burning an drowning answers but honestly although painful I just can't say their my most feared. My reasoning is because you have a chance to...
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    Unique theories you have?

    Any of you guys have an unique/ non mainstream/ conspiracy thoughts or views on anything? Some of mine: I feel the cure for cancer has been found but is kept extremely secret an to get it you need to be 1. Extremely rich an 2. Come from a powerful family I don't think it's possible to be truly...
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    Second breach?

    Just heard their was a second break an 25 million additional peoples info could have been stolen. Was just on news look for sause guys Here's a link I guess this has to do with SOE accounts?? An may have happened in the past?? The report was...
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    looking for a sig :)

    hey guys im looking for a sig i want it to be simplistic an play to her beauty text Aaliyah
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    best exhaust video

    this is a thread to best the best exhaust videos you can find :gta: YouTube - Lamborghini Countach LP500S YouTube - '05 Mustang GT Bassani X-pipe sound
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    does anyone else like drifting?? i really like it, just the extreme persition(sp) needed to control a car like that blows my mind. YouTube - DRIFT SILVERSTONE 2008 HD best video
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    need u guys' opinion!

    should i give up my sculpture dream??? lolol:snicker:D :pale
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    unknow lifeform found in sewer!

    YouTube - Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! ewwwww im scared
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    beautiful woman sig request! (2500 sp)

    wazup guys im looking for a sig with the ever beautiful alicia keys on it :cool: 2500 sp and rep will be rewarded thanks to sharky :snicker here are some pics thanks to all that try ;)
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    Akward moments

    alright so this thread is to share all of your funny or embaressing awkward moments, annnddd your favorite was to avoid an divert them. GO!!
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    Got my first car!!!!

    well came home forom school on the bus an BAM red 1993 ford probe gt staring at me!!!!im stoked!!!!
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    Body language thread

    Gauge how close someone is to you. The closer they are, the warmer their opinions are of you. The farther away that someone is, the less they care. It is worth noting that personal space is culturally fluid; be aware that what is considered close in one country is far away in another. Watch...
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    *Men Of Justice* RFOM clan recruiting*

    MEN OF JUSTICE IS RECRUITING!! we are a fairly new clan with around 15 members that really would like new active members. We are a looking for members from all across the world. We allow all ranks and k/ds, we would rather judge you on performance. REQUIREMENTS: be ACTIVE and have a good sence...
  14. S Anti Ps3!

    well i was look up some stuff on gametrailers and decided to check out the forum section. i scrolled down to the ps3 section and it said "ps3 its like ps2 ×1.5"! wtf! for ps2 they said it was ps1 ×2. then i went to see what they said about 360 and they said something along the lines of "omg x360...
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    **number 1 Gthd Drift**

    i set the num 1 lotus elise 111R drift its been up for a day everyone watch and tell me how it is!
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    Have You Ever Cried From A Movie/book

    well just wondering if anyone has, if so what movie or book? i got really close with where the red fern grows and the movie pearl harbor
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    buying a new game?

    well i really want another game for my ps3 all i have is vf5 >.< W ell im pretty much broke, have no job. i want to trade in my ps2 games for cash, can anyone give me an estimate at how much i would get for a game and which store gives the most? thank you -steve
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    need for speed 2007 discussion

    well when i read about this and watched the teaset i was like wow! EA is leaving the street racing behind and taking the racing to pro tracks, like forza maby 0.o! I think this is probably be the best nfs title, how bout you? discuss
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    best gthd times

    i tried out all the cars an got 1.11 with the castrol celica
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    My Playstation!!!!!!

    this a forum game i found and decided to put here. In this game your basically trying to steal the playstation from whoever has it. exp. *hits ???? with brick* MY PLAYSTATION!!!!! ill start MY PLAYSTATION!!!!