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    Where the hell is everybody?

    Is it me, or is this place getting more and more empty lately?
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    970 GTX obtained.

    I have made the upgrade people. The 660ti has served me well, but it is time to move on. :D The performance gap between the two is HUGE. I am not disappointed. I just need to do a ram upgrade and I am all set.
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    PS4 obtained.

    So I finally broke down and Bought a PS4. It was a purchase I felt I needed to get out of the way. I usually hold out for like two years before I get the newer consoles.
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    Vehicles Dissapearing

    Every car I buy and customize, put into the garage disappears at some point. They don't even show up at the impound either. Seriously, What the fuck?!
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    Thinking about getting a new video card.

    I'm still using the GTX 260. It's old as shit. I'm not willing to spend more than 300 on a card either. Any ideas on what I should get? My specs are in the sig at the bottom.
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    PS3 Dead.

    Well, my PS3 finally kicked the bucket. Right in the middle of playing a game. I thought it was gonna last for ever. Thought it was better than all the rest. The bestest PS3 you ever did see. Now it won't switch on any longer. There any way to get this thing back on long enough to back shit up?
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    Rebuying old games.

    I used to have a shit ton of PS1 games which I stupidly traded in when I found out you can do so. I'm finding myself buying all the PS1 games I used to own from the PSN store or from other places. Anyone else doing this?
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    Converting PS2 save to PS3.

    I know one of you guys on here has the adapter to do so. Could anyone please convert My Odin Sphere save to PSV format so I can dump it on my PS3? I'll give you all of my sp!!! Here's the link to the file,
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    How are you going to play Dark Souls?

    Can't think of a better title because I'm lame. Anyway, this is my anticipated game compared to everything else that is coming out this year and the next. So, who else is planning to pick up this game day one? How are you going to play the game and what character type do you plan to use? In...
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    Devil May Cry trailer. Looking good so far to me. Gameplay looks pretty similar to the other games.
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    Webcam recording software.

    I've been thinking about recording some of my guitar playing and I tried with an hp web cam. HP Deluxe KQ246AA to be more specific. I get really shitty fps in the recordings and I have no clue on how to fix the issue. The drivers are up to date too. Can anyone point me to some good software that...
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    Freezing ps3.

    My 40 gig PS3 has never frozen until few days ago. It froze about 6-7 hours in during Uncharted 1, 6-7 hours in during Uncharted 2, and about 8 hours in during Silent Hill Homecoming. Any idea what could cause this kind of issue? The only thing that I changed recently on the PS3 is the power...
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    Mac book pro repair.

    Alright so, I was helping with the installation of a new exhaust fan inside the laptop. The one on the right. The input slot on the logic board got damaged when I tried to install the new fan. One of the pins broke completely off along with a piece of the input slot where you plug in the fan...
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    Thinking about purchasing a netbook.

    I haven't really done anything with this PC lately and I really don't care for sitting in front of it just to browse the web and send emails. I've been thinking about purchasing a netbook for sometime now, but I'm not sure which one to get. I already know they won't be anything close to this...