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    Where the hell is everybody?

    Is it me, or is this place getting more and more empty lately?
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    970 GTX obtained.

    I have made the upgrade people. The 660ti has served me well, but it is time to move on. :D The performance gap between the two is HUGE. I am not disappointed. I just need to do a ram upgrade and I am all set.
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    PS Vita Themes coming with FW 3.30 on 10/2/14

    I wish something can be done about those ugly ass bubbles though.
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    PS4 obtained.

    So I finally broke down and Bought a PS4. It was a purchase I felt I needed to get out of the way. I usually hold out for like two years before I get the newer consoles.
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    I will NOT want my Borderlands 2 with my Vita Slim, anyone want it? 3 Available

    I'll take the code off your hands. If you still have it that is. Please say you still have it!
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    Conception 2 comes out Monday

    I've played the demo. I don't think I've ever deleted anything so fast.
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    Say what you will about GameStop

    Yeah, screw waiting for that shit to come in the mail. Gamestop is a five minute walk for me.
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    Vehicles Dissapearing

    Every car I buy and customize, put into the garage disappears at some point. They don't even show up at the impound either. Seriously, What the fuck?!
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    Next Vita Incoming? 4G, HDMI, more

    One step forward, three steps back.
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    Sony gives you $20 for convincing a friend to buy PS Vita - Desperate, or Smart?

    Exactly. I get so tired of hearing about shit we already played in some form or another. I don't want to play another Uncharted, I don't want to play Persona 4 again, I don't want Mortal Kombat again. Until the Vita gets more than a handful of games worth playing, I just don't see any reason in...
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    Sony gives you $20 for convincing a friend to buy PS Vita - Desperate, or Smart?

    Reeks of desperation. It's just a really expensive paperweight at this point. Very few games on it worth playing. Good luck trying to convince someone of buying one with that ridiculous price tag.
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    Do you own a PS Vita?

    Nope. There isn't much of anything on it I want to play. If I bought one now, It'll end up like my PSP. In a box on the top shelf.
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    Latest firmware update sucks i think for online play

    Probably why I keep disconnecting so suddenly as well.
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    Thinking about getting a new video card.

    I'm still using the GTX 260. It's old as shit. I'm not willing to spend more than 300 on a card either. Any ideas on what I should get? My specs are in the sig at the bottom.
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    Japanese developers, is that it?

    I don't see a future where the vita is doing very well. Glad I didn't bother to pick one up.
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    PS3 Dead.

    Well, my PS3 finally kicked the bucket. Right in the middle of playing a game. I thought it was gonna last for ever. Thought it was better than all the rest. The bestest PS3 you ever did see. Now it won't switch on any longer. There any way to get this thing back on long enough to back shit up?
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    2 more days bitches!

    The last time I bought a console/handheld early, I was disappointed. I'm going to hold of and wait for all the good to come out first. Might even be some kind a price drop by the time that happens too.
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    PlayStation Vita gets updated 3G data plan, offers an extra gigabyte for a Lincoln

    Wow, things really aren't looking good here. Why do they keep making all these bad decisions? 3 gigs for 30 bucks? Really?