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  1. robvandam111

    Who are you gonna call?

    The first full GhostBusters trailer is out. If the original didn't exist; this would be a hit but since its not. Looks alright for a reboot and cast of females, really refreshing too.
  2. robvandam111

    The Return of the Nintendo Direct.

    11.12.2015 Pokemon BRY DQ7&8 for 3DS Twilight Princess HD Star Fox Zero and more...
  3. robvandam111

    Computer Memory?

    Usually, when I have my computer on for certain hours. I've come across an alert that usually says "Running out of memory"; my display then messed up and miraculously it recovers. That alert also comes from Norton Anti Virus sometimes saying "High Computer Usage". Today, I had my computer on and...
  4. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy XV Map Size By the gods of Olympus. There's going to be a lot of driving to do.
  5. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy XV Release Date!

    Just 6 months away until an official announcement. Finally! At least something is something. It'd be a year by then since Type 0 was released.
  6. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Confirmed?

    I just realized that next year will make 10 years since its release.
  7. robvandam111

    FFXV & KH3 Gamescom and D23 Anaheim

    The games will be shown in their respective events this August! Maybe a release date for Final Fantasy XV? What else do you want to see from Kingdom Hearts 3?
  8. robvandam111

    XMEN Apocalypse Comic Con Trailer

    Not feeling Apocalypse but I'll see more of it. Too early to say.
  9. robvandam111

    Nintendo X3DS

    This looks REALLY promising and better than Virutal Reality as of now.
  10. robvandam111

    "Unable to use Directshow"

    I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. I wanted to try out an old CD-ROM game I have lying around. The installation went well. When I want to start playing the game though, I keep getting "Unable to use DirectShow". The game is Who wants to be a Millionaire 2nd Edition. I'm hoping there's a way to to...
  11. robvandam111

    Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS Hmmm....Want it but also want a PS4 Collection too.
  12. robvandam111

    Nintendo and Universal Studios Theme Parks

    They will be partnering for future attractions. I'm hoping that won't replace anything and just find additional space to to collaborate Nintendo in.
  13. robvandam111

    Your Club Nintendo Codes.

    I know this is hard to come by. If you're somebody that really doesn't care about the rewards or believe whatever you have left will be well off short. I'm just saying....if you don't mind, PM me your codes. I want to get Star Fox 64 3DS; I'm only 300 coins short. I hope this is ok. I'm a...
  14. robvandam111

    Nyko Data Bank

    How many of you guys think that will overheat the PS4? I'm really intrigued buying it. Just curious since many of you are tech experts. After watching this video, this Nyko representative slowed down answering the overheating question until the woman next to him quickly responded "no"...
  15. robvandam111

    Wii U Chat

    I was using it today for the first time with someone online. I can't hear anyone though. Do I need an actual headphone? I want to hear them from the Gamepad and they told me they were able to hear me from their side.
  16. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy XV Blizzard and Cats The way how I see it. We will be using animals to discover the inner sides of the cities. Whether to interact with other animals or finding hiding hidden treasures. Seems really cool.
  17. robvandam111

    I have $25 dollar gift card for Google Play.

    I'm not a huge fan of their market. I was looking forward for some Square Enix titles but would rather NOT play those titles on my mobile phone. I was wondering if someone would be interested; I'll send you the code via online first. And in return, send me back $25 via mail.
  18. robvandam111

    Nintendo Direct 1/14 6am PT

    You know what's coming:
  19. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy XV - December 2014 update (new trailers and gameplay details)

    With English voice actors: See post #5 for Jump Festa trailer. ~Metal King Slime
  20. robvandam111

    The Legend of Zelda U 2015 release. Star Fox U Releases Before.

    Anyone watching the Game Awards? That World Map is Freakin' HUGE!! And Miyamoto also said that Star Fox will be released before Zelda U. Nintendo just keeps rolling the ball.