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    Are there still issues with the online in Twisted Metal?

    I thought about picking it up, but I heard they still haven't fixed the online issues. Is this true?
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    Always had this question

    Why are most games especially big titles released around Fall-Winter? Why not during the Summer?
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    Very slow downloads

    For example, right now I'm trying to download the Mass Effect 2 pack which is 676mb and it says it will take 200+ minutes. That can't be right. How do I fix it?
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    What does one wear to jury duty?

    Is casual a big deal?
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    Why can't they hire voice actors that can actually speak Russian?

    I laugh and cringe at the same time whenever I hear Russian dialogue in Black Ops. It's awful. They could hire me for half the price and I'll do it twice as good. Just saying.
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    Suggestions for clippers + trimmer

    My and buddy I got tired of paying for haircuts, so we borrowed some clippers and cut each others hair. It worked out well, surprisingly. The hardest part really is trimming up the sides and back. But hey, practice makes perfect. Now I need to get myself some clippers and a trimmer. I've been...
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    How is Midnight Club Los Angeles?

    I saw it in Walmart for $20 bucks but was a bit reluctant to get it. I loved the previous Midnight Club games, but I heard this one has uneven and unfair races? True?
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    Better online connection at school?

    When I'm in my dorm, my internet is pretty awful. The school is located in a somewhat remote area therefore the really fast connection becomes pretty slow since pretty much everyone on campus uses it. I would imagine playing online would consist of a lot of lagging. Now someone ran an idea by me...
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    I love Tosh
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    Heavy Rain demo WTF?

    I'm in the midst of downloading the demo and it's telling me that there is 1091 minutes. Ummm, WTF?
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    Is it worth it?

    I used to own a 360 and had no problems with it for the year that I owned it. Then I decided to sell it, and use that money to purchase a PS3, because I figured it would be a better investment. Not to mention, I wanted to play games such as MGS4, Resistance (which was a terrible game) etc. I...
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    I'm a hypocrite

    I absolutely hate noob tubes. Any time that I get killed by one -- I'm furious. But ever since I prestiged, I've been equipping it to the SCAR. Those things can really get you out when you're cornered. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be using it, but they have been pretty "fun" to use.
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    Tim Donaghy on "60 minutes" I really want to read his book, but I don't feel like spending $25 on it, either.:-)
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    What's so epic about FF13?

    No, this is not a hate thread. I love Final Fantasy, and I plan to to get 13 on its release date. I just haven't really been following the news about the game.
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    It's been maybe about a year since I decided that I wanted a tattoo. At first, I thought it just might be a "spur of the moment" kind of thing, but now I'm fully convinced I want one. Problem is, I can't really decide what to get. It has to be something that I can look at years from now, and not...
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    Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)

    Should I buy this? I really feel like playing a classic RPG game. I heard that Chrono Trigger and FF IV are both great; is this true? Worth the purchase?
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    Heli vs Pavelow

    Is there that much of a difference?
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    Final Fantasy Tactics?

    Is it fun? Worth the purchase? Interesting story? Traditional Final Fantasy battle system?
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    Does it get better?

    I'm still pretty early into the game, around chapter 5-6. It's not a bad game by any means, but I have yet to see anything "epic". When do things start to pick up?