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    Chess on PSP

    I am about to go on a trip, and I would like to play chess on my psp. What is the best chess game on PSP?
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    Is SOCOM 4 worth 20 bucks?

    Hi everyone, I have a question about SOCOM 4. I saw it for sale at Wal Mart for 20 USD, and I was wondering if its worth getting. To help give everyone some perspective, I was a big SOCOM fan on PS2. I played all of the old games, but I really loved the original and the third games, due to the...
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    Goldeneye: reloaded

    I just rented the new Goldeneye, and I have to say that I loved it. For those of you who don't remember, Goldeneye was a Bond film from the nineties, and the accompanying game was one of the best N64 games made. Activision has done a remake of the game, but has chosen to update the plot, and use...
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    Arcade Style Games for PS3?

    Hi all, I've recently been looking into playing more arcade style games, as I've gotten a bit fatigued with military FPS games. What PS3 games play like NFL Blitz or Ridge Racer? You know, titles in the style of classic arcade games by Midway and Namco from yesteryear. Are games like this...
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    spy video games?

    Does anyone here know of any good spy based games on PS3? There are quite a few military games, COD, SOCOM, etc, but I can't recall anything like Goldeneye, Mission Impossible, Cold Winter, No One Lives Forever, etc on PS3. I do enjoy a game where one has to be a spy, and just watching Ronin has...
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    Parasite Eve thread

    With the 3rd Birthday coming out soon, I figured we could use a Parasite Eve thread. For starters, anyone know when it releases?
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    help with the socom beta

    When I got Killzone 3, I recieved a beta code for socom 4. When I tried to enter the code, the PSN said that the code was an invalid number. Has anyone encountered this problem?
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    IL 2 Sturmovik: The Official Thread

    So I just picked up an old WWII flight game called IL2 Sturmovik. Its a realistic flight sim on PS3, which you may not have heard of. Its quite a bit of fun, and looks great. The game places an emphasis on realism and historical accuracy, to be sure, but there are three levels of realism, and...
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    Sony's Sunday Announcement

    Hey, does anyone know what Sony was announcing today? I figured it should have happened about now.
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    Official Gran Turismo 4 thread

    So with GT5 coming out, I've gone back and started playing GT4 again, and I've got to say its one hell of a game. It looks almost as good as Forza 2, obviously not 3, but it plays awesomely, on PS2! I've been modding my 69 vette, and to have the true experience, you have to play without any...
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    I am not sure why people say GT5 took six years to make

    Ok, I must be bad at math, but GT4 came out in 2005, so its been 5 years since that game came out. So if the programmers started working on GT5 the day after 4 came out, it still didn't take 6 years. I would bet that its taken less time than that, because the programmers probably didn't start...
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    Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011

    I have been checking out the new Cabela's game, it actually looks pretty cool. If anyone has it, post here, otherwise, I'll probably get it, depending on my cash situation (Gotta save for a new TV) and post some impressions. Its Move compatible, and comes with a toy gun, which is really cool...
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    just got a gamecube, what games should I get?

    The title says it all. I just bought a gamecube, and i want to get some games on the cheap. I've already got the metroids, the star fox games, smash bros, F zero and the two star wars flight games. What else is good besides Mario. I have a copy of Sunshine back home in Ct
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    How is Move?

    I saw Move for sale, and I thought about getting it. Is Move any better than the Wiimote? I thought the Wii wasn't very fun when my roomate had it, because the motion controls were really just a substitute for button presses.
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    PS2 model 90001 has a noise issue

    I just bought a new PS2 to replace the old one, and while playing Agent Under Fire, all I could hear was a high pitched noise. Is there a remedy?
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    Timesplitters 4, or A Call to Arms

    Now, I'm sure everyone here is familiar with Timesplitters, if not, it's one of the best FPS's ever made. The game is a cartoon style shooter, with levels and characters being parodies of TV and movies. The game had a large suite of multiplayer options, and even a mapbuilder. It was made by...
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    What will happen to PSN, XBLA games?

    I've noticed that the game companies want to push for downloadable games. They say its easier for consumers, and prevents piracy. Now, ignoring all of the other arguments presented by the media for or against downloadable games, I haven't noticed one. Will gamers be able to retrieve their...
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    Sniper Elite

    I just picked up Sniper Elite from gamestop, and its pretty fun. You play as an OSS sniper stationed in Berlin during the end of the war, and you have to stop the Russians from getting the A-bomb research from Germany. Its a unique plot. The game is very intense. You must use stealth and sniping...
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    I'm sick of people use the word "innovation" when they don't know what it means.

    Hasn't everyone here gotten sick of seeing the word "innovation" in the video game press? It's always used as a way to chastise Sony and boost Nintendo. What is innovation, in the true sense of the word? According to IGN, 1up, et al, it would be a new control scheme. But I say that an innovation...
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    mgs rising question

    Ok, I've got a question about the MGS Rising video. In it, you see Raiden cut a van lengthwise, so basically, in between the driver and passenger seat. What's bothering me is: how is it possible for a three foot long sword to cut through a 15 foot long van in one swipe, never mind the fact that...