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    NowGamer: Uncharted Golden Abyss Review. THUMBS UP!!!

    Good news for Vita. Will get this eventually when the Vita price drops.
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    PSVita's Weak Sales Prompt Price Cuts in Japan

    There is nothing unique about it if you own a PS3. The interface reminds me too much of a iPod/iPad etc.. it lacks that unique PS feel to it. The games are nothing special either. I really wanted to get this thing when I first heard of it, but now I've lost interest in it since the game titles...
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    PSVita's Weak Sales Prompt Price Cuts in Japan

    It lacks a lot of things even though it does so much.
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    The Sony PS Vita Official Hack/Mod Thread

    I am hopeful we can see some working Ps2 emulators soon
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    New PlayStation Vita details revealed

    Just give me the damn thing already!
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    Sony revealed spec sheet for Vita

    Looks sweet. I normally buy my consoles on launch, but this one will have to wait as I am not in a hurry to buy it.
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    3G is much better than WiFi. With 3G you can go anywhere and play online.... IMHO that's a massive advantage.
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    I'll only buy Vita if.....

    What a ridiculous thread..... I have no words, OPie has left me speechless with his bizarre statement.
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    Sony To Sell Vita At A Loss For 3 Years

    I think Sony are smart enough and experienced enough to know what they are doing. They just came out of a huge hacking crisis and prior to that, the huge losses they incurred with the PS3. But look at them now, unscathed and making a profit. There is no reason to doubt Sony.
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    Rumor: NGP to be called PS Vita, will launch with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    What a ridiculous name, I can't believe people get paid to come up with such garbage. Just name it PSP2, box it and ship it off.
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    Uncharted demoed on Sony NGP

    uhm seriously? touch for jump? give me a break.
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    PSP2: Sony NGP hands-on and portable market analysis

    It's all wonderful and stuff but would I really enjoy playing PS3 quality games on a small screen or would I leave it to enjoy on my 50inch LED tv sitting on my bed holding a DS3? I'm not sure, I guess handheld is not for everyone even thought I used to be a massive fan when I was young.