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    YLOD Ways to fix or Play with?

    Hey I was playing red dead redemption and my ps3 started to shut off now it won't turn on, but beeps and turns yellow then flashes red. I was wondering if there is any way to fix it(without a heat gun) or a work around. Thanks
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    Resistance 2 or Killzone 2?

    Hey guys, Since both of these games just became greatest hits I figured I would pick one up which one would you suggest. Factors: Single player( how long, quality) How many people are still playing multiplayer I havent played either R1 or Kz1 will that matter
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    Game Radar's 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2010 So many good games coming out I wouldn't have time to play them all.
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    X-Play's Games of the Decade

    Here they are. I pretty much agree with most of their games.
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    IGN's Best of 09

    IGN's Best of 09 Uncharted 2 pretty much cleaned up.
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    Questions About Uncharted 2 and Borderlands

    So I'm getting both Uncharted 2 and Borderlands on Friday and I was wondering for both games: a. About how long does it take to beat the story on normal? b. About how long will they take to platinum? c. How many people are online still? Thanks :)
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    Assassins Creed 2 for $40 Assassin's Creed II: Playstation 3: Video Games Great deal on a great game.
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    10 New Games Being Reveled at the VGAs (OP updated)

    Here are the teasers for a few.
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    MW2 in 60 Seconds

    I don't think I need to say this, but big spoiler alert. YouTube- Modern Warfare 2 in 60 Seconds Pretty funny and little bit of language.
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    100 On Metacritic at this time. Pretty amazing.
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    24 Season 8 Trailer

    YouTube - 24: Season 8 Trailer I can't wait I really enjoyed season 7.
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    What is Your Favorite Fallout 3 DLC?

    Now that all the DLC and the GOTY edition has come out I was wondering what everyones favorite DLC is? Mine is Operation Anchorage because of the total different environment and the awesome weapons.
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    An Idea for the Forums.

    We could have a quiz section were members make and answer questions based on video games. You would earn skill points for making and answering and could earn icons for getting a certain number right. Is this idea possible?
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    The Book of Eli

    YouTube - 'The Book of Eli' Trailer HD Looks like Fallout 3.
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    Borderlands is For Real Gamers Awesome video cant wait for this game.
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    How is Modern Warfare 2 Different From Any Other Sequel?

    Look at all the crap this game is getting. It gives you a new story with new locations, better graphics, a new co-op mode, and new multiplayer maps and weapons. How is that different...
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    Lego Indiana Jones 2 Allows You To create your own lego levels I originally wasn't looking at it but the building feature seems pretty cool.
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    Best Game Ad

    I just picked up the latest issue of game pro and look what i found. You have experience it.
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    Uncharted 2 Tied for the best all time metacritic score on the PS3 Naughty Dog really deserves this. Great job!
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    Official Running Thread

    Official Running Thread If consider yourself a runner or want to get started he is the place to talk about training, courses, times, and equipment. I,m fourteen and have been running competitively for about two years now. My personal records are a 2:16 800m and a 17:05 3 mile(5k). For...